Is this the perfect time to fix up your business

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We’re entering strange times.

There’s a global pandemic, a national lockdown – and almost every business is starting to feel the squeeze.

But when business is slow (or in some cases, completely closed), there’s a massive opportunity to start making improvements behind the scenes.

And that means it’s the perfect time to start cracking on with everything you’ve always been too busy to do.

So if your teams are a little lost – or you just need to keep them productive while they’re stuck indoors – here are four ways to give your business a boost in your downtime.

1. Experiment with new ideas

There are probably loads of new ventures you’ve been wanting to look into – but you haven’t had the time or the leisure to give them the attention they need.

So if you’re trapped at home with a quiet working day ahead, it’s an ideal time to start playing around with new ideas.

You could start by:

  • Researching potential new products to add to your offering
  • Planning out new services for your customers (or new sales funnels to hook them)
  • Creating accounts to explore new resources – like online marketplaces, new social media platforms, or joining educational communities that are relevant to your industry
  • Testing out new software, add-ons and plug-ins – such as SEO analytics for your company website, inventory and accounting apps, or new collaboration software for your teams.
You might not hit a winner with every new avenue you explore. But while you’ve got the time to spare – and a national isolation to distract yourself from – you’ll at least have a better understanding of which ideas are worth pursuing.

2. Do a little spring cleaning

If the coronavirus pandemic has left you without a busy schedule, now’s the perfect time to start getting on top of some of the smaller details you’ve been neglecting.

That could mean things like:

  • A thorough stock take – now that you’ve got the time, you can get the most complete and up-to-date picture of your inventory situation
  • Analysing your customer lists – checking their details, ranking their value, or even conducting a customer feedback or satisfaction survey
  • Cleaning up your product data – making sure every detail, price, and category matches up to the products you sell
  • Reviewing your overheads – are you getting the best deals on the utilities and services you pay for?

3. Get ahead of your marketing

They say you should never stop marketing – even when you’re busy.

And when times are tough, it’s tempting to start making cuts to your marketing budget.

But when times are tough, that’s when you need marketing more than ever.

So if business is looking slow, you and your teams should have plenty of spare time to put a little effort into raising your company’s profile and generating some interest.

And the best part? It doesn’t have to cost you much. You can jump straight into some low-cost marketing strategies today by:

  • Giving your website a revamp – tighten up your messages, fix that wonky design, and add a few fresh new pages focused on useful SEO phrases
  • Creating a backlog of future content to give you more time later – write a batch of blog posts, plan out a new email campaign, and schedule a few weeks’ worth of social media posts.
  • Getting a head start on researching new leads – so you’ll have a bank of promising options ready to go.
  • Laying the groundwork for future relationships – get out there on social media and start offering advice, recommending services, and applauding the success of people you’ve haven’t met (yet).

4. Make the changes you need without disruption

In a normal situation, most companies are wary of making big changes when they’re already busy.

It’s not just about the cost or the risk. It’s also about the potential interruption to their daily working schedules – taking their teams away from their important ongoing work.

(In fact, that’s one of the reasons why businesses choose a partner like us when they move to new inventory software.)

But these days, no one’s really in a normal situation. And you’ve got an opportunity to start making positive improvements to your business – without worrying about disruption.

That could mean spending some time on things like:

  • Moving away from outdated legacy systems and software – ditching the Excel spreadsheets, or scrapping your paper-based processes
  • Reviewing your internal structures – such as your onboarding journey, your training and development paths, or how you communicate with and manage your customers
  • Analysing your finances – tweaking your budgets while the pressure’s off
  • Focusing on projects that are usually ‘low priority’ – such as improving your sustainability, or forming partnerships with charitable causes.

Is it now time to improve your business?

We can’t promise to fix every last part of your business.

But we can help you catch up to the latest in accounting and inventory software.

We’ve helped all sorts of businesses streamline their processes by moving over to new inventory software. And our experts are ready and waiting to show you a live demo in one of our free Discovery Calls.

So if your company’s hit a slow patch recently (and you’re looking to put that extra time to good use), don’t be shy – it’s the perfect time to give a new project your full attention.


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