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R&B UK improves their usage, understanding and processes of their already-in-place Dear/Cin7 Core system.

R&B UK improves their usage and understanding of their already-in-place Dear/Cin7 Core system.

Located in Telford, Shropshire, R&B UK specialises in manufacturing and distributing access covers, gully gratings, and frames. Their commitment to the BS EN124:1994 standards is evident in the quality of their products, which they produce in-house to maintain consistency.

What challenges was R&B UK facing before finding BlueHub, and how did we help them overcome them?

Before collaborating with BlueHub, R&B UK had adopted the Dear/Cin7 Core system but still relied heavily on paperwork. This reliance on manual methods hindered their ability to determine the cost of goods and profit margins accurately. Moreover, there wasn’t a system in place to efficiently track sales by individual representatives.

What specific features or aspects of BlueHub’s services impressed R&B UK  the most?

Recognising the needs of R&B UK, BlueHub tailored user and role permissions to suit each department. The team also conducted comprehensive warehouse training for the Dear/Cin7 Core system and revamped the R&B UK stock allocation process. This overhaul ensured a more transparent stock visibility and an optimised allocation process.

How has this project positively impacted R&B UK  business operations?

Thanks to BlueHub’s intervention, R&B UK witnessed a 75% decrease in paperwork, especially in their sales and purchasing departments. The revamped system provided enhanced tracking capabilities for sales and purchase orders, paving the way for superior task management and more efficient customer service.


Would R&B UK recommend our services to others? If so, why?

R&B UK LTD wholeheartedly endorses BlueHub. When they first integrated the Dear/Cin7 Core system, their primary objective was to streamline the basic processes, ensuring efficient stock management and customer service. However, BlueHub’s involvement highlighted several advanced features they were missing out on. The optimisation package from BlueHub helped R&B UK LTD refine these processes, resulting in significant time savings and the removal of repetitive tasks. Realising the full potential of the Dear/Cin7 Core system became possible with BlueHub’s expertise, making them confident in recommending BlueHub to other businesses.

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