When it comes to manufacturing, there are a number of variables to consider when monitoring your productivity and costs. From having a view of your production costs, what orders you have in the pipeline – and how your orders may be affecting your productivity – having the right software system for manufacturing in place can ensure you minimise losses and keep ahead of your objectives.

Having a record of the movement of your materials is critical to ensure your manufacturing operations run as smoothly as possible. Having view of various components, the costs, volumes and labour, etc is an element of detail that is incredibly hard to effectively record manually. This detail is also important so you can be realistic in how you plan in future orders – inaccuracy in the materials you have, your own costs for purchasing these materials and how this fares compared to your selling costs can be catastrophic. Not only will you be unable to plan with realistic expectations, but you could also run the risk of producing components at a loss, rather than profit. But having a software system designed for manufacturing businesses can help eradicate this issue.

Stay in Control

Manufacturing large orders also requires you to have access to the locations of your parts. Software solutions, such as DEAR, allow you to always be in control of your stock, from listing locations (whether this is multiple warehouses, zones in one warehouse or both). DEAR integrates seamlessly with your accounting, ecommerce and point-of-sale platforms. All of your data can sync into one place giving you a complete overview of all data, providing effective reporting that doesn’t take hours upon hours of time.

Day-to-Day Support for Your Business

Be in full control of your manufacturing operations through a complete system that supports your day-to-day business. With a scalable software solution – whether bespoke or off-the-shelf – you can;

  • Improve the accuracy of your orders and customer expectations
  • Maintain and accurate record of all inventory, including age of stock and location
  • Manage your outgoing costs, including shipping and transport time
  • Effectively plan and monitor projects and timelines
  • Increase productivity whilst reducing costs associated with administrative tasks and down time.

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