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Bondi Sands

Global Brand Bondi Sands Partners with BlueHub to Integrate DEAR with 18 Retailers for UK Launch

Global Brand Bondi Sands Partners with BlueHub to Integrate DEAR with 18 Retailers for UK Launch

Launched in 2012 in Australia and named after the world-famous beach, Bondi Sands has become the world’s leading brand for self-tanning, skincare and cosmetics products.

A UK launch with limited visibility.

After the phenomenal success of their skincare brand in Australia, Bondi Sands started to look overseas, launching in the UK in 2015.

But in the early days of their international venture, they didn’t have the advanced inventory software they needed in place – they were still using Microsoft Excel, Word and Xero.

And for a rapidly growing business, this presented several issues and challenges:

There was no live data visibility at all. And with stock in Australia, the UK and the USA, managing their inventory was becoming a huge obstacle.

The brand had previously implemented DEAR in their Australian operation and, while that had been successful, the project took a long time to complete. Through this learning experience, they decided to contact BlueHub to implement an inventory management system in the UK.

We had rolled out DEAR to a lesser level in Australia. But the project dragged on, and our learnings from that were to engage a company on the ground in the UK.

Jacob Muraco

CFO & COO, Bondi Sands

Assessing the needs of an international brand.

Every project led by BlueHub begins with a Process & System Review.

That’s when the team gathers the requirements of the client, developing an understanding of their current processes to help fully understand which system would best fit their needs.

Working closely with the Bondi Sands team, it became clear to BlueHub that the client needed an inventory management system that could handle stock on a global scale – and therefore multiple currencies. They needed a system that could streamline the sales process, and enable the team to see real-time data in a live system.

It was becoming clear that, just like the Australian side of the business, DEAR was also the best fit for the UK branch of the brand.

BlueHub then collated data from Bondi Sands – including sales orders, purchase orders, and inventory – and used it to demonstrate how DEAR could function for their UK team.

With this gathered data in place, the system could be fully tested to ensure it was the correct choice before the project began.

Custom integrations for global visibility

Something BlueHub had to take into consideration was the need for bespoke integrations to fully automate the business’ existing processes – and to ensure that DEAR would function in the way that they needed it to.

Bondi Sands had 18 different retailers – all with unique ways of operating – and that meant building those integrations was a serious challenge.

The dedicated Development Team at BlueHub began to scope this requirement, understanding how the integrations needed to function to maximise the efficiency of both the team at Bondi Sands and the system itself. Once the processes were finalised, BlueHub set to work on building those integrations.


Working closely with the team at Bondi Sands across multiple time zones to hit their agreed deadlines, BlueHub’s dedicated Implementation Support team helped to bring a fully integrated DEAR solution into their business by:

  • Setting up and configuring the DEAR system
  • Migrating their existing data
  • And leading online training sessions with the internal team.

With their new DEAR system in place, the team now have full visibility on global stock levels, allowing the company to work with 18 different retailers and handle multiple currencies and stock locations around the world with smooth efficiency.And today – 8 months after going live with DEAR – Bondi Sands have integrations to Amazon, Shopify, and a separate third-party logistics company. And every aspect of their new operation is as automated as possible.

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