Document Design.

Now you have a brand-new system, you want to be sure that all your digital information matches any data that is generated as an output. Innovative stock management systems provide users with time-saving tools that improve and streamline day-to-day operations. With systems like Xero stock management making it easy to send documents such as invoices, it’s vital that all the information matches.

What does this service involve?

Updating Your Documents

Once we’ve successfully migrated your data to your new system, we’ll work on ensuring that all documentation that’s generated from the new system – whether this is going to suppliers, customers, etc – reflects the right data and your branding.

Getting on Brand

We can design a range of documents that act as an integral part of your operations, such as quotes, sales order acknowledgments, stock pick lists and sales invoices. We’ll ensure that your branding is reflected accurately through the use of your logo, company information within footers, etc. More importantly, we’ll design a new layout, where necessary, to ensure that all required information (based on the use of the document) pulls through – and pulls through correctly!

Design & Import

For more complex needs, our team can implement calculations, for example the inclusion of individual discounts for invoices, the total number of cases or pallets – you name it – to be included within the documentation. This level of attention means your documents will also include finite detail, where needed, and means documentation you send matches your system. Once we’ve designed your documents, we’ll import them onto your system and complete a routine of tests to confirm all data matches.

Document Design Options

We currently offer two levels of our Document Design service; our Standard offering is suitable for most businesses, who do not require too complex a level of data output, or for businesses who do not currently have a system that generates this type of documentation. If you are looking to upgrade your existing business solution, we also offer a Custom Template solution, where we can change your current documentation, but also offer (where necessary) advanced features for your current system.

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BlueHub's technical knowledge

…of business processes and Dear were invaluable.

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The partnership with BlueHub has allowed our business to quadruple in value

…over the course of our 4 year relationship.

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Working with BlueHub has been a great experience

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