About bluehub.

We provide innovative system integrations and solutions that support operations – and growth – for businesses across the globe. We’re a trusted partner for a wide range of small and medium sized businesses across a number of industries, working collaboratively with them to find the right inventory software solutions for them and evolve their current operations into a more advanced and future-proofed environment.

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How we work with customers.

We take the time to get to know your business and understand how you currently operate, what your objectives (and limitations) are and how we feel we can best help you. From investigating into the best off-the-shelf software platforms available, to building customised integrations and automations, we help our customers take their cloud systems to a whole new level through our portfolio of inventory software solutions.

And it doesn’t stop there. Once we make your system live, we keep working with our clients, as an additional arm to their business, to help them maintain their systems and see opportunities for scalability to promote growth – and success!

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History & Evolution.


BlueHub was founded in 1999, specialising in bespoke software development with an integration platform, BlueInt.


Following a number of successful years in business, Matt and Dave bought the business. Through this new acquisition, they continues to focus on developing the current client systems we offer, plus new bespoke systems.


We started to provide cloud hosted bespoke systems for our portfolio of clients, whilst also beginning our journey working with small businesses located across the UK.


We moved BlueHub on to Xero for our accounting offering, and began working with micro and small business with off-the-shelf applications from the Xero ecosystem of all kinds.


We continued to develop bespoke systems with our existing clients, and shifted more focus to our off-the-shelf cloud apps. More specifically, we also focused on offering Inventory Management and Project Management apps.


We combined our development and cloud off-the-shelf solutions to create an offering that purely focuses on supporting product based businesses through a combination of off-the-shelf Inventory software solutions, MRP systems and customs app add-ons.


New office. New hires. New branding! We've continued to provide the same services to our existing clients, whilst helping more clients with their software solutions, including large businesses with an international presence.

Who we work with.

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Our Values.

We persevere to stay ahead of the pack.

We’re proud to be committed to provide a solution that truly helps businesses.

As technologies and operational needs change within various markets, we’re dedicated to staying ahead of the curve, and in doing so, ensuring our clients are too. We adapt to improve our services – not just in terms of learning about new software, but also improving our internal processes. We’re not afraid to challenge our clients – and ourselves. If a solution doesn’t fit, we look for something that does.

We’re not afraid to be honest and have integrity.

For us, projects we undertake should not just be right for your business, but for ours too.

Throughout our journey with you, we’re completely honest at all times – even at those tough moments. Facing issues head-on and working with our clients is the only way we can proactively help you. We’ll never sell a solution that is more than what your business needs and we’ll work closely with you to find a solution that’s the perfect fit.

We love to collaborate.

Through our expertise and trusted knowledge, we’re able to build true partnerships.

Collaboration is everything to us – both within our internal teams and through our communication with our clients. We collaborate to find the best solution for our clients and help them succeed. We work with our clients, not for them, and it’s our love of helping businesses scale up that keeps our customers happy and makes us their first call when new integrations and innovations are needed to support their growth.

Meet our Experts.

Between us, we hold a number of years’ experience in scalable software solutions for a wide range of companies and industries.

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