Case Study


Dalman work with BlueHub to switch to Cin7 and Xero, resulting in a complete transformation of their business.

Founded in 1974, Dalman import and export digital scales all over the world.

The problem

Some of the historical challenges Dalman had as a businesses that prompted the move to Cin7 included lack of visibility on current business information including but not limited to: Customer account balances/history, deposits received by customers, products on order, products in transit, live inventory, reserving stock for pending orders when required, prompt receipt of new goods into the system and also an integrated credit card portal.

Dalman’s accountant recommended BlueHub to help resolve these issues.

The solution

The main key is having someone understand what you are trying to achieve.

By switching to Cin7 and Xero Dalman have completely transformed their business. Before, they were completely paper-driven and now their operations are mainly cloud-based. Dalman used several stand-alone software solutions and now their software is more closely integrated.

“Some of the main benefits of working with BlueHub were having a middleman between us and Cin7, having someone to talk through your business requirements who can look at the situation and advise the best way to handle it in the system. Or offer a couple ways to manage and let you decide what works best. ”

“Contracting BlueHub to go through this transition with us gave us the confidence and support we needed to make such a large change in our company, after doing things for decades one way. BlueHub took the time to understand our business and walk us through this massive transition.

Without BlueHub we would not have taken the plunge and been able to benefit from the new software.”


There used to be a long delay in reflecting order statuses for both payment and shipping in Dalman’s system and now, they are mostly in real time. Previously they would often have to physically check low stock items, which they can now view anywhere. Dalman also had no positions available to work from home and now, we do have that option for tasks not involving shipping.

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