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LoveRaw improves their usage and understanding of their already-in-place Dear/Cin7 Core system and integrated platforms

LoveRaw improves their usage and understanding of their already-in-place Dear/Cin7 Core system and integrated platforms.

Founded in 2013, LoveRaw is a British provider of Vegan chocolate that tastes like real Chocolate! With a mission to continue making legendary kick-ass vegan chocolate whilst maintaining its honest, transparent and no artificial-nonsense roots.

What challenges was the LoveRaw facing before finding BlueHub, and how did we help them overcome them?

Before LoveRaw commenced their partnership with BlueHub, they faced a number of challenges. These included a lack of understanding of their ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system, issues with data and inventory management, problems with reporting, and difficulties with the integration of Shopify & Xero along with their third-party logistics providers (3PLs).

BlueHub stepped in to provide much-needed support, offering their expertise through a system audit. This enabled LoveRaw to maximise the potential of their ERP system, helping them to overcome the obstacles they had been facing. LoveRaw expresses their gratitude for BlueHub’s assistance, which significantly streamlined their operations. As a result of this partnership, LoveRaw achieved greater efficiency in various aspects of their business.

What specific features or aspects of BlueHub’s services impressed LoveRaw the most?

LoveRaw experienced a seamless integration, particularly noticing the coherence with which the BlueHub team integrated their ERP system with their 3PL. The process was efficient, well-planned, and executed exceptionally, resulting in a smooth data flow between LoveRaw’s systems and enhanced overall operations.

BlueHub offered a wealth of expertise and knowledge, providing training to the LoveRaw team to increase understanding of Dear Systems. LoveRaw was impressed by BlueHub’s adept handling of complex integration requirements and the team’s ability to resolve any challenges that arose quickly.

Projects were always delivered in a timely manner and planned effectively. LoveRaw greatly valued the reliability and dependability of the BlueHub team.

The team at BlueHub consistently offers continued support to LoveRaw through weekly and monthly calls, and they are always readily available should LoveRaw need assistance.

How has this project made a positive impact on LoveRaw’s business operations?

Overall, the BlueHub team has positively impacted LoveRaw as a business by enhancing efficiency, increasing productivity, improving data handling, and providing ongoing support.

LoveRaw is grateful for the positive changes they have experienced as a result of this collaboration, and we look forward to continuing this successful partnership in the future.


Would you recommend our services to others? If so, why?

EatLoveRaw would recommend BlueHub services based on the team’s knowledge, expertise, seamless integration, timeliness, effective communication, ongoing support and professionalism.

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