As a business that completes both B2B and B2C transactions, merchants need to manage different types of accounts. From managing your own accounts for bulk stock purchases and managing your suppliers, to completing B2C sales; your system may need to manage both invoiced orders and smaller, instant transactions. This is made possible by specialist software solutions that are designed to work seamlessly for merchants.

Take Full Control of Your Transactions

We work with a wide number of merchants to provide them with a robust and effective solution to manage all of aspects of their business operations. From creating orders, setting bespoke pricing across customer types and product categories to managing their inventory; an inventory management software for merchants will enable you to take full control of your B2B and B2C transactions.

Have Complete Confidence in Your Data

We have experience of converting customers from platforms including WooCommerce, Sage 200, Shopify to other platforms that better suit their operational needs. By upgrading their current system to a more integrated environment, clients are able to handle their orders with complete confidence and with more visibility for accurate forecasting. In other circumstances, we have even introduced a system to businesses where they are relying on data input through Excel sheets, or similar, as a way to record their inventory, sales and customer details – improving merchant operations through dedicated software solutions.

Future-Plan Your Business

Migrating your current operations to a scalable business system will enable you to;

  • Track and trace stock through serial and batch number tracking
  • Reserve goods to virtually assemble bundles and kits to ensure stock levels are accurately matched to demand
  • View stock across a number of warehouses/internal locations
  • Move stock across locations virtually to manage future order expectations
  • Store all customer and supplier information in one, central location
  • Have full visibility of stock sold and monitor margins
  • Split your costs, such as handling fees and delivery fees from your product-related costs
  • Monitor profitability for accurate future-planning of your business and growth

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