Data Migration.

Data is King to any business – it is the element that helps you understand and improve your business. Your data is incredibly valuable to ensuring your operations continue to run smoothly so when you move to a new system, it’s vital that your data stays intact, whilst also working well with your new systems. With our Data Migration service, we move your data from your old system to your inventory software. Sounds simple, right? Whilst this may sound easy, moving data requires a lot of changes within your database. Your data needs to respond to your new system architecture and as a result, we complete a comprehensive approach to gathering and arranging your data before it’s migrated.

What does this service involve?


We’ll take the time to understand your data and what it’s used for. From who currently uses the data within your company, which departments your data touches and how will data be captured and used moving forward. We’ll then develop a plan to gather your data safely – depending on the volume of data you have will determine how long this will take, and any special measures that may be needed to facilitate this.


Before the data is migrated, we need to ensure that it’s safe. Once gathered, we’ll complete a full audit of your source data – this is the best and easiest way for us to identify any problems with your data that could be a hurdle further down the line. We will also identify any data that requires a cleanse from you – with some data being historic, it’s important to only carry over data that is of the most importance to your future goals.

Advice & Guidance

Once we’ve reviewed your cleaned data, we’ll analyse your current data capture processes and provide advice and guidance on best practices for data gathering moving forward. At this time, we’ll also revisit your project timelines, highlighting which legacy systems will be shut down, and when, and what changes will be reflected for any new data that is inputted.



With some data being historic, now is the perfect time for it to be reformatted. We’ll inspect your data and assess whether it requires reformatting ready for your new stock management system. When it comes to importing your data, it’s not as easy as moving your data straight from one source to another. It’s likely your data will be in a wide range of formats, so time will be needed to reformat data, where necessary and ensure the correct data is present for each purpose.

Testing & Review

To ensure complete confidence, we test, test and test again! We don’t leave testing to the end – throughout the planning and design phases, and during all implementation work, we complete rigorous testing of your data. This way, we can ensure that once complete, you’ll receive the desired outcome for your data. Should any issues arise, we use this time to review your project and make any necessary changes to aid success.


Now is the time to import your data! This can be quite a complex stage, with so much data to migrate, including SKUs, virtual and physical stock levels. In addition, your data may also include specific information about your goods, such as weights, pallet sizes and batch numbers. Ahead of this stage, we’ll agree a date for data import and our team will monitor this whole process to ensure data migrates to your new system efficiently.

Stock Levels

Once your data has been imported, its vital that we complete checks to ensure what is detailed virtually, matches with your physical goods. Through these checks, we’ll make sure your stock and pricing integration is working in sync with your accounting and invoicing systems. Other, vital elements like automatic stock monitoring, batch control and bar-coding systems will also be checked to ensure all aspects of your data are working seamlessly.

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