Case Study

Fjuka Baits

“It’s like having a new business!”


Fjuka Baits, a growing business specialising in fishing bait, faced several challenges before seeking a solution. The company lacked a single system, and most of their practices were labour-intensive and not linked. They had no stock management other than manually generated spreadsheets for goods in and out. This lack of traceability and multiple points of failure within the spreadsheets impacted their day-to-day operations. The company faced recurring issues, such as not being able to see instant stock levels, which slowed down the business.


Fjuka Baits decided on BlueHub as their solution provider, as recommended by their accountant. They were looking for an ERP system with key features such as stock management, stock visibility on Shopify and B2B portal, a centralized hub for information, and a system to integrate with Xero, Shopify, Amazon FBA/FBM, Stripe, eBay, and more. The company decided on their operational platform as Cin7 Core, Shopify, Amazon and Xero. The integration process with the client’s existing systems faced a few challenges, such as Amazon reconciliation within Xero. However, the solution implementation phase was successful.

Metrics – Efficiency Improvements:

The solution has led to significant efficiency improvements for Fjuka Baits:

  • Previously, 80% of an employee’s time was spent populating endless spreadsheets. This time has now been saved, allowing for more efficient day-to-day business operations.
  • The total SKU count has tripled since the implementation of Cin7, indicating improved new product development.


Key Quotes:

“BlueHub has been instrumental in assisting us with implementing Cin7 Core over the past 12 months. Thanks to their expertise, we now enjoy full product traceability, facilitating the effortless creation & launch of new products. An unexpected bonus is the enhanced visibility for our external sales team, empowering them with insights into sales targets and channels. Working with BlueHub has been a pleasure, and we eagerly anticipate future collaboration.”


After implementing the solution, Fjuka Baits noticed immediate benefits such as stock traceability, which allowed for rapid new product development. The external sales team could track their sales and sales channels easily, which was not possible previously. The solution improved traceability, automation, stock management, and production tracking massively. The company also enjoyed unexpected benefits such as enhanced visibility for their external sales team and improved reporting. The solution has impacted the company’s growth and future plans, allowing them to spend more time planning for the future.

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