What Our Clients Say

Since our establishment, we've worked with a wide range of clients across various industries - all of who have different requirements in terms of the how they use their systems and the data they need to see. From food and drink to manufacturing and corporate clients, take a look below at what our clients have to say about their experience working with our team. Ready to take your project to the next level? Get in touch to discuss how we can help you streamline your operations too.


Sophie Hayes Green

I would recommend BlueHub services based on the team's knowledge, expertise, seamless integration, timeliness, effective communication, ongoing support and professionalism.

LoveRaw logo

A face-to-face approach has really helped!!

Brett Beardsley, Studweld Pro

Without a doubt, we would recommend other businesses take the time to go through BlueHub's Business Process Review. For us, having been "stuck" for many years, we now have the drive and momentum to take on what is a major challenge. Although still a huge project for us, it is a much less daunting prospect with Bluehub on board, and we have every confidence that they will support us each step along the way.

Marshfield Farm

Flora Hawking

We couldn’t have done it without BlueHub! The team at BlueHub were incredibly thorough throughout the implementation of DEAR and showed an amazing understanding of our processes. Callum was incredibly knowledgeable taking everything back to basics. He was a huge asset to the project showing incredible skill in remembering and understanding our processes and nuances. Everyone at BlueHub has been super helpful & really responsive. We knew at every point what we needed to do & when it was required.

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Bondi Sands

Jacob Muraca - CEO

DEAR for our global business. Thanks to BlueHub, we now have a new DEAR system in place, providing our business with full visibility on global stock levels, allowing us to work with 18 different retailers and handle multiple currencies and stock locations around the world with smooth efficiency. DEAR for our global business Thanks to BlueHub, we now have a new DEAR system in place, providing our business with full visibility on global stock levels, allowing us to work with 18 different retailers and handle multiple currencies and stock locations around the world with smooth efficiency.

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James Russell

We would 100% recommend BlueHub. Dear/Cin7 has a vast number of available features, when we first implemented the system, our priority was to ensure that we had the basic processes covered and could manage our stock and service our customers with as little disruption as possible. The optimisation package helped us build on some basic processes within the system reducing time and also eliminating some duplication.

Silverstone Composites

Lisa Gunn

Excellent support from the BlueHub team! The benefit of BlueHub's Suitability Assessment was that we could fine-pick the details required to suit our needs. The team were very knowledgeable of the products recommended to use and picked up our business process with a good understanding, enabling us to choose the best software package for our business. We have received excellent support from the BlueHub team and would absolutely recommend the Suitability Assessment offered by them.

Fjuka Baits

Anthony Molyneaux

First Class! The business process review phase of the project has ensured that the needs of business are being fully met. The team at BlueHub have taken the time to understand how our business operates, and the system being implemented will mean minimum disruption to our day-to-day operation. The services have been First class! The team at BlueHub have made this stage of the project very easy for us, understood the needs of our business and made valid improvement suggestions.

Rheal Superfoods

Sean Ali - Owner

5 STARS! As we were unsure if to move to Cin7 or DEAR we went to BlueHub’s experts for advice. Their knowledgeable experts understood our business requirements and found the right system for us. BlueHub also helped us implement DEAR efficiently and smoothly. Due to the success of the project we decided to have an ongoing support package with BlueHub. DEAR Systems is such a core part of the business, we wanted to make sure to have the best system support available and with BlueHub as our partner we do!

Rheal Superfoods Logo - Testimonial | BlueHub

Wildsmith Skin

Octavia Elton

BlueHub make difficult tasks easy! BlueHub offer on hand support that is easy to understand and very helpful for us as a small business. With fast growth it has been important to work with BlueHub to streamline processes and best practises so our internal and external offering is strong and consistent. I think for us at TWC it has been an important resource working with BlueHub, we have learnt and improved hugely on our system guided by the BlueHub team. They are well informed and methodical making difficult tasks easy.

Wildsmith Skin | BlueHub

Osteotec (Orthotec)

Lee Burchell

BlueHub have great working knowledge of DEAR and other integrations. They're always on hand to support and help with improvements and system queries. Our relationship with the BlueHub team has made it easy to integrate users onto a new system and getting the system to work as needed for the business smoothly and efficiently. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend BlueHub, we have built good relationships with the team and trust in the service they provide, and the results speak for themselves.

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Archivist Gallery

Mark Clements - Logistics Manager

BlueHub’s service is exceptional. BlueHub’s experts have recently helped us connect our DEAR account to our Shipping app - I am so grateful for the HOURS this is going to bring back to the weeks! Now when our orders are ready to go out the door, I don’t have to even think about “capturing that tracking number correctly” or “I need to calculate the shipment costs”. The integration BlueHub has established takes care of these repetitive tasks for me, and accurately, meanwhile I can get other things done!

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Westend Agri

BlueHub made this the easiest implementation. BlueHub were really friendly and approachable which made the relationship really easy. They listened to what we wanted and understood straight from our first meeting what we were trying to achieve. When we realised DEAR met 90% of our needs, but we were missing the 10% we so crucially wanted, they came up with the App which has saved us so much time. In the previous system, all these processes that the App does were all being done manually by members of the team.

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Blue Tees Golf

Drew Koehler

If you are struggling to set up your DEAR Systems account, you need to engage with BlueHub and their Optimization work service! The Deep Dives with BlueHub so far have been very informative and needle-moving for our business…so much that we have engaged them for additional sessions. DEAR is complicated, if anyone tells you different, I would look for a different implementation partner. BlueHub was upfront with us from the get-go and have been an instrumental resource in setting up our bespoke DEAR instance.

Modus Brands / RCG Group

Darren Payton

Looking to move systems but unsure of where to start? We’ve been there…but then BlueHub’s expert advice has been second to none. BlueHub’s intelligent recommendations ensured DEAR will fulfil our complex business needs and we are now in the process of moving to DEAR. BlueHub’s SA Service provided the Insight we needed to be sure that this change was undoubtedly the right move for the business. I highly recommend any business looking to move systems to have a Suitability Assessment with BlueHub first!

Curran Scientific

Gerard Fogarty

BlueHub provided excellent training! I highly recommend BlueHub for any business looking for help in selecting and implementing a system of Inventory Control and especially for a solution that is looking to integrate seamlessly back to their accounts system…BlueHub take all the uncertainty and potential for making errors out of the process – they really are the best choice for maximizing the potential for a successful implementation. We now have so much more visibility on our processes…beyond what we imagined was possible!


Atlas Trading

Highly Recommend! We’re starting to transition to DEAR following our recent SA with BlueHub which assured us that DEAR is a good move for our business. Honestly, without BlueHub, we would not have been confident to make the jump of changing systems. As BlueHub have tailored the set-up to what we need, we are avoiding any over-processing and manual intervention where avoidable errors can occur and instead become a lot more systemized. Couldn’t recommend them enough!