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Since our establishment, we've worked with a wide range of clients across various industries - all of who have different requirements in terms of the how they use their systems and the data they need to see. From food and drink to manufacturing and corporate clients, take a look below at what our clients have to say about their experience working with our team. Ready to take your project to the next level? Get in touch to discuss how we can help you streamline your operations too.

Enigma Titanium

After approaching several software companies and evaluating how they could help us, we decided on BlueHub - this was mainly because they took the time to understand what our current problems were and what software package we needed going forward that would add value to our business and solve our current problems. Working with BlueHub’s team has been very refreshing. They're all very efficient, their technical knowledge is excellent and their ability to resolve any issues we have had has been incredible. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend using BlueHub; their service has been excellent and it has exceeded our expectations on every level. We certainly could not of done this process without their expertise.

Alutech Group

I would highly recommend BlueHub to anyone looking to improve their accounting and inventory systems. BlueHub has great attention to detail and excellent customer service, our proactive Account Manager always keeps us updated with all the progress on our project and is only ever an email or phone call away. BlueHub plan the project ahead of time, which helps the customer achieve their desired completion date. From the start we knew what to expect and had a clear timeline overview of the project. I was very impressed how well they picked up our 'language' as we are in a completely different industry however, they understood our complex business requirements straight away! Working with BlueHub is not like working with a third party, they become a part of the team!



BlueHub made it easy! Initially I was nervous at changing the accounts and inventory systems my business uses as there is a vast market offering what seemed similar options, but I wanted make sure that I invested in the right system for my business. BlueHub took the time to understand my business and recommended the right solution for me. Thanks to BlueHub's expert advice and guidance I am now confident that I am moving to the system that suits my business needs and still have great support provided by BlueHub along the way!

The Football Association

As part of our ongoing work to reduce administrative burden across our football ecosystem, The FA worked with BlueHub to provide superior payment reconciliation processes – connecting a new payment gateway with 50 separate County Football Association Xero instances. A huge undertaking which has resulted in automated invoice generation (reducing the reliance on our legacy systems) and improving overall quality of payment data across systems. Working with BlueHub has been a great experience and we look forward to a continued relationship for years to come.

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Brodie Cashmere

The team at BlueHub take time to understand our business and processes, enabling the team to look at our Cin7 and advise us on what best suits the requirements for our business in terms of Cin7 functionality. BlueHub is then able to set up the system in the proper manner so our team here at Brodie are comfortable and confident with using Cin7 efficiently. A huge benefit to our businesses is that BlueHub are also able to construct bespoke integrations that bolt on to those established products, this has been invaluable to all three of our brands, meaning that an "off the shelf" product is customised to meet our complex business requirements beautifully. The partnership with BlueHub has allowed our business to quadruple in value over the course of our 4 year relationship. Also in that time we have launched two new brands requiring new Cin7 systems of their own, each with their own integrations.


Della Vite

Working with Bluehub has been incredibly beneficial to us as a startup. They have been incredibly thorough in asking all the right questions and ensuring that they understood our needs in order to build the best system they could for us. From our integration with Amazon to Shopify into our new Dear system. As a team they essentially become a part of your company while working on the project. It felt like the BlueHub team became a part of the Della Vite family. They created bespoke documentation, training and made sure we understood every part of the system they helped set up for us. Even after the system had launched they ensured they were always on to answer any questions regarding use or to help address any teething issues. We would definitely recommend others work with Bluehub. The teams at Bluehub have immense expertise when connecting your existing systems, such as Amazon, Shopify, Xero through Dear, as well as bespoke solutions through other bespoke API systems. Their commitment to the project whether it is customer relations or scoping, their commitment and professionalism is unrivalled.


We had been limping along with an out-of-date software system that was inaccurate, lengthy and very time consuming for all across the business. BlueHub enabled us to source and implement a new efficient MRP/order processing system and we now have an end-to-end streamlined process, starting from the commercial side right through manufacture to dispatch and accounts. Throughout the whole process, Guy and Callum have clearly understood our business and addressed our needs accurately. In addition to this the training and support provided by Darren and Joe was incredibly thorough and again they completely understood our needs.

Marshfield Farm

Our aim for the Suitability Assessment phase was to evaluate the benefit of DEAR to the business, having explored a lot of different ERP options we had an idea of what we wanted but were unsure of the correct software. We wanted to ensure that DEAR was the correct software for us, as well as making sure that we would have a good working relationship with BlueHub. During the scoping phase, the team at BlueHub made us think about every step and were incredibly thorough throughout and the team showed an amazing understanding of our business processes. Everyone at BlueHub has been super helpful and really responsive when it comes to clear and concise communication. We knew at every point what we needed to do and when it was required. Our questions and queries are often answered within the hour and when they’re not, we’re always informed and kept up to date. We’re now ready to get going with the implementation of DEAR and really feel that we will start with a system that has already been really thought out, we couldn’t have done it without BlueHub and look forward to continue working with the team throughout the next few months through to the launch of the system.


The benefits of partnering with BlueHub with supporting our Cin7 system are that we have a personal contact for any day-to-day issues but also the support of a knowledgeable team to assist us with advice and guidance on how to maximise the benefits on Cin7 for our business. I would 100% recommend BlueHub, they have been with us through every step of our Cin7 journey and we are very happy with the service we have received.


Through the scoping phase of the project BlueHub developed an excellent understanding of how our business operated. With this knowledge, the BlueHub team were able to work closely with Rollcut to ensure the implementation of Dear ran smoothly and as efficiently as possible. BlueHubs technical knowledge of business processes and Dear were invaluable. This coupled with excellent comms with the team, show that partnering with BlueHub was the correct decision for our business.