Case Study

Marshfield Real Dairy Ice Cream

Disconnected Systems to Seamless Integration: Real Dairy Ice Cream Manufacture Marshfield Farm's Journey to Operational Excellence with BlueHub.

Marshfield Farm, a cherished British Real Dairy Ice Cream manufacturer, has been serving moments of homegrown happiness since 1971. With a mission to be the most adored ice cream for British families, they craft indulgent ice cream on their family farm, all while ardently working towards reducing their environmental footprint.

The Challenges

Marshfield Farm is more than just a farm; it’s a sanctuary and a multi-award-winning ice cream producer. Despite their dedicated team of approximately 20 employees striving for excellence, their technological framework was a stumbling block.

  1. Disjointed Systems: A mosaic of software and systems led to inefficiencies, unreliability, and potential points of failure.
  2. Outdated Software: Essential business software like Notazone and Sage50/TAS Books were server-based, posing maintenance challenges and not aligning with the farm’s growth vision. These systems also lacked integration capabilities, diminishing their effectiveness.
  3. Inventory Challenges: The use of Xero without integrations obscured Marshfield Farm’s stock visibility, impeded warehouse management, and omitted production scheduling. This was a significant concern given the perishable nature of their products and strict food safety standards.

The Solution

Understanding Marshfield Farm’s distinct challenges, BlueHub proposed a bespoke solution:

  • Identifying the Right Tool: BlueHub identified Cin7 Core as the ideal solution for Marshfield’s inventory management and as a foundational piece for their entire software ecosystem.
  • Seamless Integration: Cin7 Core was integrated with all essential platforms, replacing Sage/TAS with the more streamlined Xero for accounting.
  • Enhanced Reporting: With Cin7 Core, Marshfield Farm achieved forwards and backwards traceability, vital for Food & Beverage enterprises.

The Transformational Results

With BlueHub’s guidance, Marshfield Ice Cream experienced a profound operational metamorphosis:

  • Traceability Perfected: Marshfield can now trace product batches in both directions, ensuring compliance and the capability to identify the origin of any finished product or the destination of any raw material.
  • Automated Processes: The integration of Cin7 Core with Zudello enabled Marshfield to automate tasks like sales entries.
  • Enhanced Stock Management: The farm now excels in stock management, especially in planning, visibility, and real-time production tracking.
  • Complete Production Tracking: The adoption of mobile barcode scanning applications allows Marshfield to oversee production processes from start to finish.



Marshfield Farm’s collaboration with BlueHub & CIN7 Core/Xero/Zudello exemplifies the transformative potential of the right technological solutions. Transitioning from grappling with outdated systems to achieving operational brilliance, Marshfield Farm stands on the cusp of even grander success in the days ahead.

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