Set-up & Testing.

It’s critical for the success of your new business system that the set-up is seamless and rigorous testing is completed. Sophisticated stock management systems not only future proof your operations but, by having the right solution and being confident all streams work together, you’ll have a well-oiled machine that makes your business more productive, streamlined and ultimately, more profitable! We provide a thorough system set-up & testing service to ensure all the cogs in your operational machine work together seamlessly.

What does this service involve?


Our system set-up stage is extensive; we’ll develop a comprehensive programme for the final set-up of your new system, completing your bespoke options for your chosen ERP stock management solution. At this stage, we’ll compile a full list of users for your new system, the permissions for users and the database access required to complete specific actions on the system. At this stage, we’ll also implement any complex features that are required in your build, such as automations for recurring processes, book references and application programming interfaces (APIs).


Rigorous Testing

Testing is the most important stage of any business system and involves not only our own internal testing process, but external User Acceptance Testing (UAT) with your own team. Before your system is ready to test in-house, we’ll complete extensive testing, using different scenarios and personas to test how your data works with your new system and check that everything is working in sync. The name of the game is to break the system – not to find weaknesses, but to ensure the system can handle your data and actions. Once we’re confident that your system is working as we intend, we’ll hold a workshop with key stakeholders in your business to present your new system and show you how it works.

User Acceptance Testing

At this point, it’s time for your team to put your new system under the microscope and test the new environment – at this stage all your data will be in a test environment, so it’s not vulnerable, but being in a ‘live’ format, you’ll be able to manipulate the data and use it as you would within your day-to-day operations. This level of system UAT is important as no one knows your business like you do so although we’ll test your system using our tried and tested methods, having client UAT feedback is essential to finding any out-of-the-norm bugs or anomalies.

Process Adaption

Once your UAT is complete, we’ll undergo Process Adaption, making sure that operationally, your system works with your business and resource – this stage completes the process of you being completely confident in your new business system and that it works as intended and as you expected. At this stage, we’ll also confirm that the new solution fits its purpose; we always work towards completing this stage before we commence with any software training with you or your team.

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BlueHub's technical knowledge

…of business processes and Dear were invaluable.

Brett Roberts - Rollcut -

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend using BlueHub

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The partnership with BlueHub has allowed our business to quadruple in value

…over the course of our 4 year relationship.

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Working with BlueHub has been a great experience

…and we look forward to a continued relationship for years to come.

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