It’s natural to experience some hitches when it comes to using a brand-new business system, whether this is problems navigating through the software, completing actions or you may even find your system needs a small change. We offer on-going support to clients following go-live and training to make sure it’s all smooth sailing for your operations.

What does this service involve?

Support from Go-Live

We include a 1-3 month mandatory support period for all new projects as standard. This time is critical to ensuring that not only are you comfortable and confident in using your new system, but we can also ensure there are no underlying issues which may affect your productivity.

Support 7 Days a Week

In addition to post-launch support, we can also offer on-going support, delivered through our frontline support team. This support is available 7 days a week through our online ticketing system. Not all client operations are the same and neither are their needs; this is why all on-going support clients receive tailored support that is unique to their business model. Based on the number of users and integrations you have for your system, we’ll provide a quote for the best type of support for your management system.

Ticketing System

Our support service is easy to use – if a question comes up, simply raise a ticket with our team who’ll step in to take a look at the problem for you. In most cases, it’s a simple error with a simple problem. If the issue is not a quick fix, such as a faulty system setting, our Advanced Support service can provide you with in-depth assistance over a longer period of time. On-going support is completed under a 30-day rolling agreement.

Need Some Guidance?

Not sure what the problem is? Our team are always on-hand to provide guidance and talk you through the issues you’re experiencing. Give us a call to speak with one of our experts who’ll be able to investigate into exactly what the issue is and advise as to the best solution to get you back up and running smoothly again.

Let's Explore Your Potential

If your need is a little more complex and requires a review or upgrade of your system, we can also support you through a discovery session of your current system, how it works and what functionality you need in addition to help you meet your operational goals and help your business flourish.

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We’re here to help you find the right system, whilst also removing the headaches and stress of a new integration. Get in touch to start your journey.

What Our Clients Say

BlueHub's technical knowledge

…of business processes and Dear were invaluable.

Brett Roberts - Rollcut -

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend using BlueHub

…their service has been excellent and it has exceeded our expectations on every level. T

Christine Walker - Enigma Titanium -

The partnership with BlueHub has allowed our business to quadruple in value

…over the course of our 4 year relationship.

Jes Talpade - Brodie Cashmere -

Working with BlueHub has been a great experience

…and we look forward to a continued relationship for years to come.

Angie Goodchild - The FA -
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