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Nov 6, 2019 | Cloud Accounting, General BlueHub

With a week to go until one of the biggest accounting events of the year, we’ve put together some top tips for Accountants attending Xerocon from experts in the space.

We’re very excited to be exhibiting for our 4th year in a row and each year we love seeing how Xero’s modern and innovative event grows and welcomes an increasing amount of Accountants wanting to embrace Cloud Accounting in their firm.

For those who haven’t attended before, Xerocon is a unique event (with an awesome party and free ice cream) allowing you to meet like-minded Accountants as well as being able to explore the vast amount of apps available to help grow and support your firm and clients.

If you want to speak to us about clients with inventory system needs, come and chat to us at stand B31 – look forward to seeing you there!

Check out the exhibitor space

With so many exhibitors showcasing their products and services at Xerocon, try to give yourself plenty of time to check out the exhibitor space. If you are struggling with where to start then head over to the list of app partner winners here for help discovering the ones that could help both your practice and your clients grow: https://apps.xero.com/uk/collection/2018-award-winners

Vicky Nicholls

Unleashed Software

Take yourself out of your comfort zone

The people you’ll be attending the sessions with are as important as the sessions themselves. The event will attract some of the most innovative, creative and forward-thinking people in Accountancy from all over the world.

Before attending the event, search #xerocon on LinkedIn and Twitter. See who else is going and arrange some meetups to discover, network and learn from fellow peers. Take yourself out of your comfort zone and try and speak to as many new people as possible. One small conversation can lead to something great in your life.

– Dan Cockton, Digital Accountacy Show

Book in App demos

Relationships are everything when it comes to building your firm with the right tools. When talking to Reps, find out how their app works with Xero, how easy they are to use, and how they handle a variety of client requirements, such as VAT. Book in app demos and make the most of the exhibitors time while they’re there with you.

With an eCommerce speciality, look for apps to automate your accounting so you can put more energy into reporting and insights for your clients.

Seek innovative apps that stand the test of time and provide excellent Partnership and 5-star customer support.

– Karen Brady, A2X Accounting

Take action!

If you tell yourself you’re going to take action when you get back to your office, the chance of you being right is slim. What you need to do is take the steps towards the things you want to do while you’re at the event.

Go and speak to your Xero account manager and find out what the next step in your journey is and take that step while you’re at Xerocon.

If you see a piece of software that you love the look of, sign up for that free trial while you’re there.

If you discover something that you think one of your clients would absolutely love, send the client a message while you’re there. Say, I’ve just found this fantastic thing I’d love to talk with you about, can we get a date in the diary now?

If you take those actions while you’re there, while you’re motivated, while you’re away from your firm, and you’ve got all these great ideas and you’re surrounded by such positivity and wonderful people; you’re more likely to follow through with that action when you get back in to your office.

– James Ashford, Go Proposal

Be comfy!

You’ll be walking (and dancing) A LOT throughout the 2 day event. Make sure you wear comfy shoes and clothes. Although full of great talks and fun, the days are long, make sure you stay hydrated, caffeinated and get a good night’s sleep.

– Matt Flanagan, BlueHub

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