During our webinar on 26th June 2018, we received lots of fantastic questions from our viewers. As we did not have time to get through them all on the session, we are posting Max’s answers here, so you can check back whenever you need to.

Does Dear integrate with Amazon and keep control of the mess their system makes?DEAR does integrate with Amazon and Fulfilled by Amazon and helps business manage these complex bulk orders. The accounting side will also be handled by DEAR on an upcoming release. This can also be handled directly from Amazon to Xero via A2X, which helps manage the account mapping and split revenue between periods.

Does Dear create sales invoices?
Yes. Dear is a full order processing system, taking sales from quote-to-invoice and purchases from order-to-invoice, including credit notes, delivery notes and all stages of fulfilment and dispatch.

Are there authorisation procedures in Dear?
There is an authorisation step to each part of the sales and purchase order processing, user permissions can be set-up to allow only certain users to authorise. However, there is no ability to have a specific user to be notified when an order needs to be approved.

We have a client who sells fruit/ veg to hotels/ restaurants. These are often sold by weight rather than quantity. Are there any integrated scales or like manage quantities in weight?
There are no off-the-shelf integrations with scales, but integration could potentially be developed via the DEAR API – this would be dependent on the scales software. Within DEAR you can measure the quantity of an item in weight.

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Can you buy and sell in different quantities – e.g buy a case of 100, sell individually?
Yes, and I love this feature. By using the additional units of measure function in DEAR, the stock is kept up to date whether you sell in singles, packs, pallets or containers.

Does the system support stock ageing and how easy is it to translate this into discounted sales on products that aren’t selling?
There are stock ageing reports and on the dashboard, you can see “top selling” and “worse selling” products and search to see who buys the items. Discounts and new price tiers can be added to products to incentivise sales.

Your re-order point management – is this static or can it be customised to be seasonal and dynamic?
Static per warehouse. Warehouses can have independent min/max stock levels. DEAR are also going to be releasing the forecasting module soon which may link to this – TBC.

Do the monies received match automatically? I have a client who uses inventory software which doesn’t match the money very well and it’s difficult for me to match it up especially when it’s from Shopify because of the Shopify fees.
If the order was generated and paid for on an eCommerce website the payment details will pull through to DEAR. However, the transaction and fees will still need to be reconciled in the accounting system separately.

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You said that Accounts Payable and Acc Receivable are manageable in DEAR – would this mean you can also apply payments?
You can apply payments in DEAR; however, this will not reconcile the transaction in the accounting system.

Is there a way of uploading documents (PDF, JPG of tax invoices) in DEAR?
Yes, documents can be attached to transactions and products in DEAR. These are upload manually into the system, drag-and-drop.

How does DEAR compare with other inventory add-ons such as Unleashed?
This is a big question – the two systems are similar in many ways, both are aimed at small and medium business playing in wholesale, eCommerce and manufacturing. It’s the nuanced difference between the two systems and their workflows/features which make them suitable for certain clients.

At BlueHub we specialise in software consultancy for small and medium business in the same sectors and to work with many businesses we use DEAR/Unleashed/Cin7/TradeGecko and a few other systems to ensure the best fit for the client.

This is not trivial, but essential – unlike accounting apps (Xero and QBO) inventory apps are not a one size fits all (or one size fits most). Therefore, we take every enquiry through an initial discovery session before determining which product would be most suitable.

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Can inventory movement be sent to different inventory accounts in Xero: So product1 and product2 in separate inventory accounts in Xero?
Yes. Products can be mapped to unique inventory, sales and COGS accounts.

Does Dear link to Receipt bank?
Not currently.