The Role of ERP in Streamlining Shopify Sales and Accounting

The Role of ERP in Streamlining Shopify Sales and Accounting

The Role of ERP in Streamlining Shopify Sales and Accounting

As anyone who runs a business through platforms like Shopify and Xero will know, managing accounts can be tough work. While Shopify and similar eCommerce platforms offer a lot of useful information, simplifying the accountancy process is not easy. If your accounts take too long each year, consider investing in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems.

ERP can be one of the most effective ways to ensure that your business can make its accountancy period easier for managers.

Today, Shopify openly discusses the benefits of ERP, which you can find here. ERP is one of the most important tools that you can use when it comes to simplifying the day-to-day processes that, in reality, make your business tick. It also facilitates bringing all of your key business requirements under one roof.

Does This Issue Sound Familiar?

You run a Shopify business with different processes and platforms for financing, supply chain management, sales, and customer support. This makes every day a battle as you try to juggle various systems and make them compatible with your day-to-day business operations. You must constantly repeat yourself and re-do work in one technique that cannot be directly imported into another.

If that sounds like a problem that you are facing, then ERP implementation is what you need. ERP brings all of these essential functions for your business into one simple and easy-to-use platform. However, you cannot simply install an ERP implementation and have it work ‘out of the box’ so to speak. It has to be properly integrated into your business and its functions.

However, while this can be arduous, you can hire professionals to assist you with the required ERP integration. And the work, once done, will benefit your business for years to come. You can remove much of the time and effort needed to connect each process.

A centralised ERP system can help with many aspects of your business, especially sales and accounting

Why Does My Shopify Platform Need ERP?

For one, as described above, it brings everything under one banner. ERP can get everything under one house instead of using four or different software systems. This can mean that all your data, financial data, and even your supply chain control can be dealt with in one place. This is useful because it means we do not have to cross-reference data across each platform.

Instead, you can easily find all the information your business needs for its essential operations in one place. This will make automating processes easier and ensure your data is properly synced. For example, you will find it much easier to collate all of your sales data together with financial records so that you can rapidly speed up the accountancy process.

At the same time, though, ERP can be extremely useful for supply chain control. You can set up automation that ensures products are purchased well ahead of stock running out. Even with the modern issues that the world suffers from regarding supply chains, ERPs can ensure that your replacement orders happen soon enough that you are never caught short on stock.

Bringing all of this data into one place is only going to help your business when it comes to making important decisions. By looking at all of the key data about your company, you can make more informed choices on things like sales tactics and supply chain management. Having these essential functions in one place can make your business management more accurate for any Shopify owner.

Streamlining Your Essential Functions

One of the major benefits of investing in ERP is that you can quickly control your business’s most critical functions. For example, you can easily integrate popular accountancy platforms such as QuickBooks with your Shopify account. This allows you to easily manage inventory tracking and company finances in one place. It also makes keeping track of and accurately recording invoices for your company accounts so much easier.

Anything that can help you speed up the sales process, such as automating orders and stock checks to dealing with your year-end accounts, will make your day-to-day business life much easier. The more you can automate, the more time your staff can work on other business elements.

ERP can help to bring all of your most important functions into one place so that your staff does not have to receive training on multiple pieces of software. They can then work on the tasks that need human input while your ERP system automates as much as it can without needing too much human oversight. This frees up your staff to focus on the tasks that need someone to be present.

ERPs also make it easier to bring each business department into one place. Instead of your finance staff having one software solution and your sales staff on another, everyone works under one roof. This means that it is much easier for departments to communicate, for information to be shared, and for everyone involved to cooperate for quicker sales, higher productivity, and greater profits.

Invest In ERP For Shopify You Can Trust

If you have difficulty managing your accounts and sales processes, you can benefit from the above by contacting our team at BlueHub. BlueHub provides access to an ERP system that can take away much of the pain and strain of managing your accounts. Implementing ERP on your own can be tough, but BlueHub can help integrate the exact ERP systems you seek.

Our team can help you with any integration and software development you might need for Shopify. Whatever issues you might be having getting your business up and running on this platform, we can assist you in overcoming those issues. At the same time, our ERP implementation will ensure that you are left with a much quicker process for doing your accounts.

Make sales and accounting a piece of cake on Shopify, Xero, and similar platforms by contacting the BlueHub team today for insight.