Using the Reorder Backorder Report to Streamline Order Fulfilment

Using the Reorder Backorder Report to Streamline Order Fulfilment

Using the Reorder Backorder Report to Streamline Order Fulfilment

In the fast-paced world of retail and inventory management, efficiently handling backorders is crucial to maintaining customer satisfaction and operational effectiveness. In a recent video from Cin7 Core, the application’s capabilities in utilising the reorder backorder report were showcased to streamline the process of fulfilling backordered items. Let’s delve deeper into how this feature can be leveraged effectively.

Understanding the Challenge

The video starts by addressing a common scenario: having outstanding orders that cannot be immediately fulfilled due to inventory shortages. This situation can cause delays and dissatisfaction among customers. To combat this issue, the reorder backorder report within Cin7 offers a strategic solution.

Navigating the Reorder Backorder Report

The key to resolving backorders efficiently lies in the reorder backorder report, accessible within the purchasing module of Cin7. This report aggregates all backordered items, allowing users to create targeted purchase orders and assembly orders necessary to fulfil these outstanding requests.

Users have the flexibility to filter the report by customer, product tag, location, or supplier. This level of customisation enables a focused approach tailored to specific needs. For instance, users can identify all backordered items for a particular customer or from a specific supplier with ease.

Creating Purchase Orders

When a user identifies items requiring replenishment, the next step is to generate purchase orders directly from the reorder backorder report. By simply clicking ‘reorder’ next to the desired item, a purchase order is automatically created. This purchase order includes essential details such as supplier information, SKU, quantity, and pricing.

The system intelligently populates the purchase order with the last supplied price or a fixed supplier price, ensuring accuracy and efficiency. Users have the option to adjust necessary details like required by dates before authorising the purchase order for processing.

Managing Assembly Orders

In cases where backorders involve assembled products, the reorder backorder report also facilitates the creation of assembly orders. For instance, if an auto assembly triggered by an order fails due to component shortages, users can manually initiate the assembly order process from the report.

This functionality is particularly useful for managing complex assembly workflows. By authorising assembly orders, users generate demand for required components, which can then be seamlessly ordered from the respective suppliers.

Executing Assembly Processes

Once necessary components are procured and stocked, users can proceed with the assembly process. This involves picking the required items and completing the assembly workflow within Cin7. Upon completion, the assembled product becomes available for allocation to fulfil existing backorders.

Closing the Loop

By leveraging the reorder backorder report effectively, businesses can significantly streamline their order fulfilment processes. This not only reduces the risk of delayed deliveries and customer dissatisfaction but also optimises inventory management by ensuring that stock levels align with demand.


In conclusion, Cin7’s reorder backorder report empowers businesses to tackle backorders efficiently and strategically. By harnessing this tool, businesses can turn inventory challenges into opportunities for operational excellence and customer satisfaction. If you’re looking to enhance your order fulfilment capabilities and optimise inventory management, consider incorporating the insights from this Cin7 Core feature into your operational toolkit.

Thank you for exploring this blog post highlighting the practical applications of the reorder backorder report. Stay tuned for more insights and tips on optimising your business operations with cutting-edge inventory management solutions.