Unveiling the Latest Cin7 Core System Updates – March 2024

Unveiling the Latest Cin7 Core System Updates – March 2024

Unveiling the Latest Cin7 Core System Updates – March 2024

In the fast-paced world of business software, staying ahead of the curve means keeping up with the latest innovations and updates. One platform that has been making waves recently is Cin7 Core, formerly known as Dear Systems. With each new release, Cin7 continues to refine its offerings, providing solutions that streamline operations and empower businesses.

In this comprehensive review, we delve into the key updates introduced by Cin7 from Q4 2023 through Q1 2024. These updates promise to enhance user experiences, improve efficiency, and address common pain points faced by businesses utilising Cin7 Core. Let’s dive in!

B2B Portal Enhancements: Prioritising Customer Experience

One standout update is the B2B Portal’s ability to prioritise customer invoice templates over default templates. This feature allows businesses to customise templates based on individual customer needs, ensuring a tailored experience. Whether it’s specific branding requirements or unique order confirmation needs, this update empowers businesses to deliver personalised invoices seamlessly.

Co-Manufacturing Visibility: Enhancing Operational Insights

Co-manufacturing operations gain improved visibility with this update, making special locations visible within MRP reports. This enhancement is invaluable for businesses managing co-manufacturing processes, allowing them to track raw material levels and streamline production planning effectively.

MES Scheduler: Optimising Production Planning

The MES Scheduler now offers enhanced visibility by displaying production schedules within the interface. This update facilitates better planning and coordination on the shop floor, empowering managers to oversee tasks efficiently.

Advanced Manufacturing Attributes: Customised Production Orders

Additional attributes are now available on manufacturing orders, enabling businesses to capture and report specific data related to production runs. This customisation enhances reporting capabilities and supports compliance requirements seamlessly.

Customer and Supplier Attribute Integration: Streamlining Order Processes

The ability to copy customer and supplier attributes to sales and purchase orders simplifies order processing. While this update offers convenience, it’s essential to test thoroughly to ensure it aligns with specific business workflows.

Production Resource Efficiency Reporting: Insights into Resource Utilisation

Businesses can now generate resource efficiency reports within Cin7 Core, providing insights into resource utilisation and production costs. This feature is particularly beneficial for tracking operational efficiency and identifying optimisation opportunities.

RMA Portal Integration: Enhancing Customer Service

The new RMA portal integration allows customers to manage returns efficiently, improving the overall customer experience. While this update may not be universally applicable, businesses dealing with high return volumes could benefit significantly from this feature.

AI-Powered Descriptions: Simplifying Content Creation

Cin7 introduces AI capabilities for generating product descriptions efficiently. This feature is a game-changer for businesses needing to create compelling content without extensive resources. However, it’s crucial to evaluate its relevance based on specific business needs.

MRP Module: Transition to Paid Subscription

The MRP module is now a paid offering within Cin7 Core. While this module offers robust capabilities for inventory planning and management, businesses should conduct thorough testing to ensure it meets their unique requirements before committing to the subscription.

Conclusion: Leveraging Cin7 Core for Business Success

In summary, the latest updates from Cin7 Core bring significant enhancements across various aspects of business operations. From improved customisation options to advanced reporting capabilities, these updates empower businesses to streamline processes and enhance productivity.

At BlueHub, our team specialises in Cin7 Core implementation and optimisation. Whether you’re considering adopting Cin7 or seeking to maximise its capabilities, we offer tailored solutions and expert guidance. Contact us today for a complimentary account review and discover how Cin7 Core can drive your business forward. Let’s embark on this journey of innovation and efficiency together!