Navigating Through Cin7 Inventory Capabilities

Navigating Through Cin7 Inventory Capabilities

Navigating Through Cin7 Inventory Capabilities

As a business owner or a seller of products online, you will be all too aware of the importance of inventory and stock management. Nothing is more damaging to your business credibility than mass sending cancellation emails and refunds to clients because you do not have enough stock available. Cancel something due to lack of availability, and you will be lucky to see that person order from you again. This is why using inventory management tools such as Cin7 is so popular today.

Why should you use a platform like Cin7? There are many reasons you might consider doing so. Among the most prominent reasons are the benefits it can provide sellers of all kinds. For example, Cin7 breaks down why Amazon sellers can benefit from this inventory management system. Cin7 is not only for Amazon vendors; it can help manage stock for just about any eCommerce platform.

To help you understand Cin7’s value, consider the benefits below. This should help you completely appreciate why Cin7 is so popular with anyone struggling to monitor stock levels.

The Inventory Capabilities of Cin7: What Is On Offer?

Cloud Based Connectivity

Cin7 Cloud

Today, the use of the cloud is becoming more prominent within the e-commerce sector – and it is easy to see why. Cloud-based connectivity means you are less likely to suffer from a lack of ability to connect to your inventory and stock management tools.

The cloud also ensures that everything is more readily automated and traceable. You are less likely to encounter issues like missing data or valuable information not connecting to the server. The cloud also offers the benefit of regular and consistent backups, ensuring you are never caught cold. The cloud helps to guarantee that all of your data remains safe, secure and backed up to the standard you require.

Real-Time Insights

While some inventory management tools tend to update on the hour or with a similar update schedule, Cin7 is real-time. These features are essential to making sure that you know exactly what you have. As soon as something is sold, the numbers update on the system. Should something be returned or refunded, this is updated immediately.

This matters because it means you can more easily manage storage and fulfilment. You know exactly what you have, where it will be, and the stock situation. It also makes it easier to spot your best-selling items and goods. You can then find it easier to focus on getting more stock of these well-selling items.

Such insights are very important, as they can help you further learn about what items are consistently selling well and what appear to be situational or seasonal purchases, which helps inform stock purchasing decisions.

Barcode Scanning

A very useful advanced feature of Cin7, too, is the introduction of barcode scanning. This is especially useful if you are dealing with pick-and-pack warehousing. You can automatically add essential product details to your system by scanning the item’s barcode.

You can also easily use the barcode scanning feature to help build a better plan of exactly what you are selling. This saves you from having to manually update and upload the essential details of every product that your business happens to sell. The time that this saves you also brings the promise of efficiency. No more mistakes when uploading critical information, meaning you can reduce the potential time lost daily. As time passes, this can be essential to ensuring that your eCommerce operations are as slick and smooth as you would expect.

Re-Ordering AlertsCin7 inventory

A massive benefit of having all of your information on an inventory management tool like Cin7 is the re-ordering. You can set up automated re-ordering as soon as you need to bring in more stock of a best-seller. This allows you to easily track when you might be running low on the items you need to have lots of pre-ordered stock from.

It also means that you can closely monitor those less typically bought items. When something does not sell too constantly, it can be easy to lose track of stock levels. Then, when someone does decide to buy, you might be caught cold by a lack of stock. The above does a great job of ensuring you do not run into this problem. Instead, the re-ordering features provide you with the stock levels your business needs to feel comfortable without taking the risk of ordering in excess.

Cost Accountancy

As any eCommerce business owner will know, cost accountancy is one of the most demanding aspects of the job. Cin7 allows you to access data such as tax and landed cost reports. This makes it easier to have everything linked up in one place. Cin7 also connects and links with most accountancy systems out there, so it should be easy to integrate this information with your chosen accountancy platform. If you are uncertain, you can speak to your accountant for more ideas on how to use this.

Another nice touch with Cin7 is that it has more than one pricing tier. You might have different prices for customers buying one of the products and those purchasing wholesale. With Cin7, you can easily set multiple price tears to make it easier to understand what you are selling, in quantity, and for how much.


As you can see, Cin7 offers advanced features that vastly improve performance speed. Regarding inventory management, the characteristics are varied, diverse, and perfectly suitable for the eCommerce age. If you are looking for a way to help ensure you can take control of stock and inventory management again, Cin7 provides the tools to do just that.

Are you seeking additional help and support with any aspect of inventory management? Then let us help you today. At BlueHub, we regularly assist SMEs in building inventory management and stock systems using platforms like Cin7 and Dear. Please find out how we can help you to make the most of your inventory management needs starting today.