Do you know where your inventory system falls short?

Get an on-site assessment of your inventory and accounting systems – what you have, and what you need

The first big step in any new project is to understand its scope. And that begins with a thorough understanding of where you’re starting from.

In the Exploration Stage,
we’ll help you:

Spot the gaps in your current in inventory system

Compare the different options you have for cloud-based apps

You’ll have a better understanding of the size of the project ahead. And you’ll know exactly which parts of your current system need to change.

Not sure what you’ll get?

See exactly what we assess and how it looks with an example report from one of our previous Explorations!

Who will we work with?

In the Exploration stage, you can expect an on-site visit from:

A professional business analyst

Someone who specialises in selecting cloud inventory software

A chartered accountant

An expert in helping businesses migrate their accounting to the cloud.

With the help of these two professionals, you’ll get a deeper understanding of the gap between what you have and what you need to reach your goals.

What can I expect during the visit?

Together, you and your experts will talk about what your business needs, including:

  • The goals you’ve set
  • The results you need to see
  • And the timeframe you have available

We’ll then be able to take a deep dive into your existing systems to better understand:

  • The technology and software you have in place
  • How your different bits of software work with each other
  • And how you can adapt your current processes to work with a new inventory system

With this knowledge, our experts will work with you to plan out your project, including:

  • Creating a map of your existing business processes
  • Defining the crucial milestones you’ll need to hit
  • And setting realistic target dates for you to go live.

What will I get at the end of the visit?

Once our consultants have worked with you to give you a thorough assessment, we’ll draw up a report of our findings for you to take away and share with your team.

You’ll get an in-depth written analysis of:

What your current systems are missing

What your key business processes look like – and how they interact with each other

And a solid plan for your project – broken down into the milestones and objectives you need to see success

So no matter what you choose to do next, you’ll have all the information you need, ready and waiting for you to make the best decision for your business.

(And if that means you don’t choose BlueHub – no problem! You’ll be going away fully equipped with a permanent record of every useful bit of knowledge we’ve uncovered.)

Looking for the best way forward?

Get a clear picture of the road ahead with an on-site expert assessment by booking a free Discovery Session with us today