Cin7 Core / Dear Systems Product Updates Quarter 2 – 2023

Cin7 Core / Dear Systems Product Updates Quarter 2 – 2023

Cin7 Core / Dear Systems Product Updates Quarter 2 – 2023

Highlights from the June Release Notes of Cin7 Core/Dear Systems Software

In the latest update from BlueHub, the spotlight is on the fresh advancements in the Cin7 Core/Dear Systems software released in June. While we’ve faced a slight delay in relaying these upgrades to you, our anticipation in detailing these novel features and improvements has not waned.

In recent months, Cin7 has clearly been channelling its efforts into refining the user experience and weaving in pivotal feedback from its client base. Let’s walk through the standout features of this release:

Password Reset Link

Gone are the days when you’d need to ring up an administrator to help reset your password. You can promptly get a reset link directly from the WMS application.

Stock Lookup in MES

The Manufacturing Execution System (MES) has taken a leap in utility. Users can now swiftly rummage for stock details within the application. This step undoubtedly escalates warehouse functions and transparency.

Enhanced Audit Report

Fondly termed the “Big Brother” report, the audit report has undergone some enriching changes. It sheds light on user tasks and undertakings within the system and now also meticulously keeps an eye on data exports. A move geared towards reinforcing data safety.

Improved Reporting Module

The revamped reporting module is now more intuitive. For instance, directly from the report, users can delve into the specifics of sales orders. This tweak unquestionably cuts down on time and refines data interpretation.

Calendar View for Scheduler

The manufacturing module now houses a calendar view for its scheduler. A user-friendly touch, this ensures users have a clearer picture of production timelines and tasks.

Automation Module Enhancements

The automation module has broadened its horizon with the introduction of advanced manufacturing workflows. Users now have the liberty to chalk out task workflows that are set in motion by certain events. This growth enhances automation prowess and smoothes out processes.

MRP Enhancements

Acting upon user feedback, the MRP module has seen certain advancements. From fine-tuning error handling to letting users set their preferred minimum stock levels and reorder quantities, the module is now more user-centric.

Line Comments in WMS

Streamlining communication is the new feature allowing users to append line comments to orders in the Warehouse Management System (WMS). This means no more relying on tangible notes or tiresome back-and-forth chats, a stride towards amping up efficacy and diminishing mistakes.

Core-to-Core Networking

This feature has grown to facilitate advanced purchase orders. It paves the way for intricate transactions between accounts and further cement the integration between suppliers and clients.

The June enhancements of the Cin7 Core/Dear Systems software underscore the brand’s commitment to continuous improvement, centring around their users’ needs and feedback.

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