How to Manage Customer and Product Pricing in DEAR

How to Manage Customer and Product Pricing in DEAR

How to Manage Customer and Product Pricing in DEAR

It can be hard to separate your discount rates and custom prices from one to another. When it comes to your Point of Sale (POS) you’ll often find yourself entering the values into your system manually which is not only time intensive, but also opens you up to human error.

To help resolve any issues and make this process quicker – and easier – DEAR has a feature that allows you manage your customer and product pricing, which we’ll go through in this blog.

Customer Import

For this operation, you’ll be looking to use two of the sections on your customer import spreadsheet: ‘Price Tier’ and ‘Discount’. These are the two standard methods of managing custom pricing.

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Price Tiers

With price tiers, each of them sets a different discount for each customer type in your database. Within your DEAR dashboard, you can set up to 10 different price tiers across your customer database. It’s worth setting custom names for each price tier so that they’re more organised and easy to find.


In addition to price tiers, you can also set discounts for one-off customers. These discounts will automatically be added onto sales and won’t include any custom pricing.

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Unique Price

Another custom pricing method which is available in DEAR is unique pricing, which can be actioned using your customer import spreadsheet. You can set a product to have different prices depending on the customer it is sold to. This can be quite a tedious process to set up initially, but it will reduce your administrative time later as it will help you to automate your pricing.

DEAR Interface

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All values will be transferred from your spreadsheet, straight to your DEAR interface. You will be able to override your discount values, if need be, without creating any permanent change. You can also set custom prices in DEAR’s user interface.

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When processing an order, you will see an option to apply discounts within your dashboard before you authorise the sale. As you have already selected the customer the order is being assigned to, all data will be preloaded, saving you time.

For more information on how to manage customer and product pricing, watch our YouTube video below. Want more help and guidance on how to use DEAR for your business? Visit our YouTube channel or get in touch with us to discuss your current troubleshooting with your system.