DEAR System Updates March 2023

DEAR System Updates March 2023

DEAR System Updates March 2023

After receiving lots of feedback from DEAR users, there are plenty of new updates which have been announced for the first quarter of 2023. There have been improvements to DEAR across the board, from co-manufacturing to purchase orders. Take a look at the changes you can expect to see this month.

 Shopify Data Retention

All DEAR systems will receive updates to coincide with Shopify’s new Data Retention Policy. Although DEAR has integrated with Shopify for years, the process of protecting your data previously had to be done manually via the interface. With this new update, the new policy will automatically be applied to all accounts to benefit users with a boosted level of protection for both In Person (contact, phone, email/billing/shipping addresses) and In Customer (address fields, contact name) records.

Create Accounts In Xero From DEAR

Having to go into Xero to create a new account in DEAR can be a tedious process, not to mention having to manually sync them together. With this new update, you won’t have to keep switching between the two, as it will be possible to create new accounts from DEAR. This highly-anticipated update is a massive improvement from where DEAR was before, as it makes the process more user-friendly. Create a new account from the Account Mapping screen.

Co-Manufacturing Improvements

With an increase in demand for co-manufacturing services in DEAR, and with the scope to reduce cost of production, it’s clear to see why. DEAR already provides two procurement modes for co-manufacturing: Sell Components allows you to sell products to the co-manufacturer, whereas Transfer Components helps you send your unfinished products over to the co-manufacturer for completion. DEAR has added a separate ‘procurement’ mode which simplifies the two processes and increases functionality.

Shopify Master Data

More control over data priority will be coming in 2023, giving DEAR users the authority to set their permanent Master of Data. This will remove the need to constantly switch between systems every time you download new data from a source. To do this, go to the Integration icon, then click on Shopify and Integration setup, where you’ll be able to choose your Master of Data.

Co-Manufacturing BOM Alternative

There may be times where purchase orders, stock transfers and production assemblies don’t go to plan, and you may have to write off inventory as a result. With DEAR, the process of writing off inventory has been made simpler by creating a dedicated screen to increase both flexibility and accuracy. This update is sure to be well received by co-manufacturers, who will have all the information they need from a purchase order.

Walmart Integration

For those breaking into US markets, the announcement of DEAR native integration of Walmart will be a welcome one. From this year, users will be able to download products straight from Walmart to DEAR. Here, they’ll be able to map them to their own products and process them via their own system.

Upcoming Releases

Add Harmonization Code and Country of Origin fields on the product level – Default fields on the product which will be available on more reports, streamlining the process and making the user experience more intuitive

Set Priority in Scheduler – Set your orders to a low, medium or high priority level to improve visibility of importance in DEAR.

Filter by “awaiting approval” in Sales and Purchases – Different approval levels in the Sales and Purchases screen which can be filtered, rather than searching through notifications.

Bulk export orders to Ship theory – Gives users the option to export orders in bulk, rather than having to process each order individually and slowing down the process.


To learn more about the latest updates from DEAR Systems, watch the full YouTube video below.