BlueHub Triumphs with the Cin7 CEO Pick Award 2023

BlueHub Triumphs with the Cin7 CEO Pick Award 2023

BlueHub Triumphs with the Cin7 CEO Pick Award 2023

In the bustling world of e-commerce and digital business solutions, recognitions are not just accolades; they are testaments to hard work, dedication, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. This year, at the Cin7 Partner Summit held in Denver in August 2023, BlueHub was honoured with the prestigious Cin7 CEO Pick Award. This award, one of only ten presented at the summit, shines a spotlight on our unwavering commitment to our clients and our expertise in the domain.

Founded in 2012, BlueHub has been a beacon of innovation and efficiency in the UK’s digital landscape. Our team, a tight-knit group of 16, comprises Cin7 System Experts, API Integration Specialists, and dedicated Client/Project Co-Ordination team members. Together, we’ve been the driving force behind numerous success stories in the e-commerce, manufacturing, wholesale, and distribution sectors.

Our journey with Cin7 began in 2016, and it’s been a symbiotic relationship ever since. We’ve been instrumental in helping over 100 SMEs harness the full potential of Cin7 Core. From                       implementation to integration, our hands-on approach ensures that our clients not only get a system in place but also derive the maximum value from it. The ever-evolving ecosystem of Cin7 Core has been a playground for us, and we’ve been at the forefront, ensuring that our clients always have the best tools and strategies at their disposal.

At BlueHub, we’ve always believed in the power of the right tools. Cin7 Core, with its robust features and scalability, is a testament to what a solid foundational system can achieve. It’s not just an Inventory Management System (IMS) or an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system; it’s a game-changer for SMEs looking to scale and evolve in today’s competitive market.

Winning the Cin7 CEO Pick Award is not just an accolade for us; it’s a validation of our belief in the system, our team’s dedication, and our commitment to our clients. As we celebrate this recognition, we’re also looking ahead. The future is promising, and BlueHub is ready for more growth. With Cin7 Core as one of our core offerings, we’re excited about the countless possibilities and success stories yet to be written.

To our clients, partners, and the incredible team at BlueHub, this award is a testament to our collective efforts. Here’s to many more years of innovation, growth, and success!