Do you have a hundred hours to spare?

Get A Free Live Demo Of Your Own Products Inside An Inventory App – without weeks of research

There are nearly 30 different inventory apps out there on the market. And each one comes with dozens of unique functions and features.

So for most businesses like yours, trying to find the right match is an overwhelming task.

You might feel like you don’t have the knowledge you need to properly compare the different bits of software.

And in reality, you probably don’t have the time to really get stuck in.

The average business spends a hundred hours on research alone

That’s more than two whole working weeks you and your team could lose – just trying to get to grips with the inventory software that’s out there.

It’s a hundred hours spent looking at software that’s not a good fit. And it’s a hundred hours sunk before you’re even able to get started.

But what if we told you we could cut that time completely?

Kick-start your knowledge with two quick calls

With a free Discovery Session from BlueHub, you can get instant access to our team of developers, analysts, and consultants – as well as our fifteen years of cloud-based accounting and inventory management experience.

With a total of just 90 minutes over two free calls, you’ll get:

A 30-minute call with one of our experts – with no sales talk, and no strings attached

A free personalised video-call demo of an inventory app – using an example product from your own business

And a permanent recording of your demo that you can take away to show your team.

There’s no obligation, no commitment – and no investment. 

(We’ll also give you a rough estimate of what you can expect the costs to be – which is definitely something you’ll need when you show your team!)

What happens in the first call?

You’ll speak to one of our own inventory software experts for a no-obligation 30-minute chat.


They’ll ask you a bit about your business. Where you are, where you want to be – and how you want to get there.


Together, you and your expert will talk through some of the most powerful and reliable inventory software options on the market.


(And because we’re not tied to any vendors, there’s no incentive for us to push any particular software. The only things we care about is finding a good fit – between you and us, and between you and your new inventory app.)

What will I see in the demo?

You’ll see one of your own real-life products as it goes through a modern, cloud-based inventory app.

After listening to you in your first call, we’ll choose a product and a process that’s relevant to your challenges and your goals.

We’ll then talk you through an interactive video demonstration, where you’ll see how a new inventory system can help you to:

Save time and money with automation

Get deep insights with advanced reporting

Minimise the risk of errors

And streamline your entire sales process

And the best part?

We’ll give you a free recording of your video demonstration – so you can take it back to show your team how it works.

What happens next?

At this stage, there’s absolutely no obligation or commitment on your part.

Our discovery sessions are completely free – and the recording of your video demo is yours to keep.

But just so you have a complete picture of what’s involved, we’ll also give you:

A high-level overview of the usual route a project like yours would take

A personalised quote for you to take away and consider.

We’ll then check back with you at a later date to see what you and your team thought of the demo.

And once you’re happy to move forward, we’ll get started on Stage 2 – Exploration.

Ready for a shortcut to knowledge?

See your own product in action with a free live demo and a no-pressure chat by booking a free Discovery Session with Bluehub today