Is your team ready for a whole new system?

Give them the knowledge they need to hit the ground running from day one

With your new inventory system set up and configured for your business, you’re almost ready to start seeing success.

But if you want your new inventory system to get results as soon as possible, you need to get your team ready to start using it to its full potential.

What kind of training will I get?

Every business is different – and so is every team. So we’ve created a mix of different training methods across different formats.

You can choose form a mix of:

Hosted workshops

Where we give demonstrations of the new software, work through the changes to your daily processes, and plan for any adjustments to the new system you might need to make

Training literature

A range of written documents and helpful guidance, so your teams can learn at their own pace

Video Tutorials

So your teams can follow the action as they learn.

And the most important part?

You’ll be able to choose exactly how much of your training happens online, and how much is brought to you on-site.

(You can even come down to us for a visit to get away from the distractions of your own office!)

Will what the training cover?

The most important part of any training will be getting your users to a point where they’re comfortable with the everyday functions of your new software.

That usually means things like:

  • Entering orders
  • Tracking and adjusting stock
  • Managing your customers and warehouses
  • And creating reports (and understanding them!)

But beyond these basics, you'll also get a deeper understanding of the more advanced features that work behind the scenes, such as:

  • Adjusting the system settings and configuration
  • Changing and formatting your data
  • Creating and modifying your invoices, purchase orders, or bills of materials
  • And editing your workflows and processes as your business changes

Want to see a confident and comfortable team?

Give them the knowledge and experience they need to get the most out of your new software.