Steps to your new system

Discover and implement a new Inventory system quickly, easily and effectively

There is no need to spend hours and hours researching and trying to implement systems that aren’t even compatible to your business needs. In the following 7 steps we will ensure that your business discovers and implements the best fit.

The team was well organised and well led. Their attitude was refreshingly ‘can do’

Neil Maxwell

Head of IT, CJ Wildlife

01 Discovery

Do you have a hundred hours to spare?

We’ll help you save time, resources, and money with a free discovery session and guide you into the right direction to improve your business process. With a free video of our demo and a personalised quote

02 Exploration

Where does your inventory system fall short?

We will go through the process of assessing your business to get a tailored fit inventory system that works for your business. Not only will we recommend a system for you but we will also spot the current gaps and compare the different options for you so that you know you are making the right decision.

BlueHub has been fantastic and diligent at helping us close out the issues and has been in regular contact.

Jessica Talpade

Director, Brodie Cashmere

03 The Pilot Project

Still not convinced? Let us do the testing

We will test business process in a new system to give you the proof before you commit. You won’t need to worry about the problems with implementation and you will know whether it is right for you

04 Making The Move

Worried about your data? We'll handle the details

When you are ready to transfer into your new system we will provide a dedicated team of consultants to help configure, setup and test your new system if you would like the additional help.

It was excellent training with 3 very different learning styles and needs BlueHub were clear in their approach and we all benefitted greatly from the day.

Helen Slade

Business Development Manager, Orange Heating Supplies

05 Training Your People

Is your team ready for a whole new system?

With the right training your team will be prepared from day one. We’ll provide hosted workshops, training literature and video tutorials. You get to choose how much is online and how much is on-site and we’ll ensure an easy transition to your new system

06 Going Live

Get a Flawless Launch form the First Day

We will ensure you have the support you need for a smooth start with your new system configured and your staff fully trained. Not only will we make sure that your first day is a success, we’ll also help you to keep an eye on your system and how it’s performing.

BlueHub responded to my enquiry efficiently and promptly found a solution.

Gemma Collinge

Marketing Executive, Selectequip

07 Ongoing Support

Don't want to be left high and dry?

A team of cloud experts will be always ready to get you back on your feet. Our frontline support and advanced support are prepared to tackle any issues you may face.

Are you ready?

Take the first step with a free discovery call