Wildsmith Skin

Wildsmith Skin Scraps the Spreadsheets and Hits the Ground Running with the Help of Bluehub and DEAR

Founded in 2018, Wildsmith Skin is a British manufacturer and retailer of cosmetics based in London, specialising in the health benefits of botanical ingredients – with sustainability at the heart of their products.

Having a company that had knowledge of the different systems – rather than dealing with a salesperson selling one – was hugely beneficial to finding the right fit.

A start-up relying on spreadsheets

Before contacting BlueHub, Wildsmith Skin was operating with only Microsoft Excel, and AccountsIQ for managing their accounts.

But with a rapidly growing business and a prestigious selection of stockists (including Harrods), they swiftly outgrew the restrictions of spreadsheets and pivot tables.

They knew they needed new software that could match the rapid growth of their company. But they weren’t sure which system – if any – would be the best fit for a newly launched and fast-growing business.

Building new processes from the ground up

Wildsmith Skin needed to find a new inventory system. So to make sure they ended up with the right choice, the team at BlueHub jumped straight into the first phase of the project: the Pre-Consultancy phase.

Working closely with the teams at Wildsmith Skin, BlueHub took a deep dive into the company’s existing processes to understand exactly how they operated – from manufacturing and assembly to sales and shipping.

But as a brand-new start-up, Wildsmith Skin didn’t yet have established processes in place for every area of their business.

So with BlueHub’s help, they started to build them from scratch – a task that turned out to be more complicated than they first expected.

They’re a company that both manufactures and retails its own products. And that meant they needed a new system that could manage:

Bills of materials


Landed cost allocation

And Integrations with third-party logistics firms.

After developing a deep understanding of Wildsmith Skin’s business processes and aims, BlueHub’s consultants identified DEAR systems as the best fit for their needs.

Having a team that understands processes well, and being able to look at it from the client’s perspective, was invaluable

Working remotely, the dedicated Implementation Support team at BlueHub was able to successfully lead training sessions with the Wildsmith Skin team, ensuring that the new processes were tested and reviewed, and that AccountsIQ was fully integrated with DEAR.

And the results?

After going live in November, DEAR has already brought huge improvements to the day-to-day operations at Wildsmith Skin.

With integrations to third-party logistics – and now to Shopify – DEAR has given Wildsmith Skin huge confidence in understanding their inventory.

Today, DEAR provides a central hub for their operational information – and it’s the core driving force in their business.

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