SE Simons

S.E. Simons are one of the UK’s leading wholesale suppliers of haberdashery, ribbon, knitting and crafts supplies – and they sell over 24,000 different products, with most of their sales coming from e-commerce platforms.

Before contacting BlueHub, they were using QuickBooks Desktop to handle their stock management and accounting. They felt that this way of working was slow, and lacked some of the required integrations they needed. They wanted to improve the way they managed their inventory with the e-commerce platform, and utilise an integration that would reduce admin hours and improve data accuracy.

Their accountant, Dunkley’s, suggested that they speak to us to ensure the chosen system increased internal efficiency, was more user friendly, and would include real-time reporting to enhance business information.

Their original system looked like this:

Point of sale – QuickBooks Desktop
CRM – QuickBooks Desktop
Order Processes – QuickBooks Desktop
Marketing – None
Accounts – QuickBooks Desktop
Ecommerce – Magento

Exploration and impact

While looking into alternative systems, their accountant recommended Xero to manage their accounts, and they highlighted all the options for a stock and order-management add-on app.

During the pre-implementation consultancy, we analysed SE Simons’ day-to-day operations and got to know the finer details of their processes. This led to us being able to recommend and start implementing Cin7. As part of the implementation process, we provided bespoke training for their team and an ongoing support package to ensure a smooth transition to the new system.

When we asked S.E. Simons’ M.D., Simon Gough, what impact Cin7 has had on his business processes, he said: “It made orders far quicker to process and is a much slicker system than we had.”

Stock systems are complex systems to put in place. And sometimes there are bumps in the road to overcome: “We had some initial issues dealing with such a huge catalogue and complex processes, but Bluehub have stuck with us and helped us sort out all our problems.”

System implemented:

Point of sale – Cin7
CRM – Cin7
Order processes – Cin7
Marketing – MailChimp
Accounts – Xero
Ecommerce – Magento

S.E. Simons now have a complete e-commerce package which is fully integrated

By using Cin7, they have gained a real-time view of their stock levels, and can monitor their sales from the website through to their cloud accounting package.

They now have more time to focus on growing their business with integrated email marketing, tailoring and targeting their offers by using specific customer lists built from past sales.

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