Founded in 1998, Intceram are tile importers, importing mostly from Turkey, Spain and Brazil.

Based in Leeds, they distribute across the UK and Ireland – and their recent success led to them opening a second shop in West London in 2017. Prior to contacting BlueHub, Intceram solely used Xero to run their business. But as their business grew, they found they were faced with limitations.

Rebecca, Office Manager at Intceram, admits that they “had problems with managing stock and printing sales reports – so our accountant, Paramount Accountancy, recommended that we speak to BlueHub”. Their accountant knew they required an inventory app that integrated with Xero to fill in the feature gaps.


Why Xero alone wasn’t suitable:

Intceram had operations and requirements which Xero alone could not fulfil. This included: dropshipping, reporting, large product catalogue, stock on hand measured in SQM, and out-sourced warehousing.

Following Paramount’s advice, we visited Intceram for a pre-implementation consultancy.

During this, we gathered their requirements, processes and information about their current system to help build an idea of what would be a best fit for them. We knew DEAR would work perfectly for their needs – and to demonstrate the system most effectively, we asked them to send us some data. We then entered this data into the system, helping to realistically show how it would work for them in the future.

Something we had to consider and work around during this implementation was the use of drop shipping in the company. The process of ordering these goods was manual, which meant that their staff had to know which products were drop shipped in order to raise a purchase order with the supplier.

The results

With this in mind, Rebecca felt that “the guys at BlueHub were very friendly. Nothing ever seemed too much trouble. When we started to work with DEAR, we realised there were additional things we needed, and they looked into it straight away to adapt to our needs.” After the implementation of DEAR, drop shipping has been made completely automated. Once a dropship product is ordered, DEAR generates a purchase order automatically to the supplier, cutting out all the manual work and removing the possibility of human error.

Now that DEAR has been fully implemented and Intceram have moved onto our support program, Rebecca feels that “BlueHub and DEAR have helped the business massively. We haven’t had the system very long, but from what we have seen, it’s been very useful and it’s saved us a lot of time. We can print reports and it’s helped us to see how we want to progress in the new few months.” A main feature that was needed for Intceram was detailed reporting, and Rebecca says that now her manager “likes that he can see how much particular customers have spent compared to previous months.”

Overall, Rebecca says “DEAR is very straightforward to use and has really helped save us a lot of time and stopped duplications. You can’t send out products you haven’t got, so it saves problems later if you realise you haven’t got anything.”

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