As a long-standing partner of Cin7, the BlueHub team have exceeded our expectations, handling a multitude of projects, ranging from small businesses to highly complex set-ups.

BlueHub have gone above and beyond to get their customers up and running on Cin7. We love that they are a highly-focused Cin7 partner and that the businesses we both serve all rave about them, including their service and training.

BlueHub demonstrates their high level of professionalism, customer care and attention to detail throughout the sales and onboarding cycle. From successfully scoping client requirements to helping customers go live, BlueHub’s expertise in technology, inventory and accounting make them a valuable asset to Cin7 and their customers.

BlueHub provides our customers with the services they need to grow and scale, extending Cin7’s reach and making us more competitive in the UK, BlueHub’s home market. Their services extend to providing regular health checks and adding value by optimising each client’s solution for maximum efficiency.

You can count on BlueHub to help you find the right solution and to get you set-up, trained and using technology with confidence!

Mark Sewell

Vice President, Cin7 Americas & EMEA

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