Don’t want to be left high and dry?

Keep a team of cloud experts waiting on standby – ready to jump in and get you back on your feet

With a successful launch and a team that’s fresh from their training, it’s easy to think that it’s all smooth sailing ahead.

But no matter how well things have gone, there’s always a chance that problems can pop up – especially when you’re still getting used to a new system.

And if something does go wrong? We’ll be here, ready and waiting to help.

What happens if there’s a problem?

First of all: don’t worry!

Lots of businesses run into small problems in their first few months with a new piece of software.

That’s why we have a Frontline Support Team available seven days a week to handle your questions and give you the fixes and workarounds you need.

You can use our Frontline Support for things like:

Accounting Errors

So if a question comes up, just raise a ticket with our team.

We’ll then step in and take a look at the problem for you.

In most cases, it’s a simple error with a simple solution – and we’ll have you and your software back on track in no time.

What if I’ve got bigger problems?

If you’re unlucky, you might run into a problem that’s not a quick fix. So in those cases, you can use our Advanced Support to get some in-depth help over a longer period of time.

This could mean things like:

Faulty system settings

(And if you don’t know what the problem is? Just speak to one of our consultants and tell them about the symptoms. They’ll then help you decide exactly what level of support you need.)

Want your first success to last all year?

Get the ongoing support you need with a team of cloud experts ready to step in and help