Integrating CIN7 Core with Amazon

Integrating CIN7 Core with Amazon

Integrating CIN7 Core with Amazon

Navigating Your Amazon and Cin7 Core Integration: Key Considerations

Integrating Amazon with your Cin7 Core system can streamline your operations and give you better control over your sales and inventory. If you’re thinking of making this smart move, here are some vital questions to guide you through the process, explained in a way that’s clear and relevant for your business.

Understanding Fulfilment Dynamics

Firstly, decide who will be in charge of sending out your products. Will it be Amazon’s fulfilment centres, or will you handle it in-house? This decision will shape how the systems will talk to each other and manage the process.

Aligning Product Codes

Check if your SKUs are the same in both systems. Consistency here is key to keeping your inventory in order and avoiding confusion.

Selling Across Europe

If you’re a PAN-EU Amazon seller, you’ll need to configure Cin7 Core to handle various tax rates and currency conversions across Europe.

Displaying Stock Levels

Consider whether you want to show how many items you have left on Amazon. This needs to be configured in Cin7 Core to ensure accuracy and prevent overselling.

Consolidating Orders

Determine if you need to bring all your Amazon orders into Cin7 Core. This can help keep things organised and ensure you’re not missing anything.

Identifying Your Seller Type

Your type of Amazon seller status can affect how you integrate and what features you’ll use in Cin7 Core. I.e. Are you utilising Seller or Vendor Central?

Managing Financials

Finally, consider how you’ll handle Amazon’s settlement reports within Cin7 Core. This is about keeping your finances tidy and ensuring that what you’re seeing in the system matches what’s in the bank.

By contemplating these questions, you’ll be well-equipped to set up an integration that saves time, reduces errors, and gives you a clearer view of your business. Remember, integrating Amazon with Cin7 Core is about making your life easier and your business more efficient, so take the time to plan it right.