Creating Sales Transactions in DEAR

Creating Sales Transactions in DEAR

Creating Sales Transactions in DEAR

Keeping track of your transactions is a crucial for your business. Without proof of your sales in and out, there’s no way you’ll be able to see where and when money has come into the business.

DEAR and Xero integrate seamlessly when it comes to logging your sales transactions and our team has a wealth of experience in these platforms and how they work effectively for a wide range of businesses. Both systems can be integrated so that sales and revenue from your point of sale (POS) is automatically sent to your current accounting software. To navigate your way through this process, here’s a step-by-step guide of how to create a sales transaction within your DEAR systems dashboard.

Sales Transactions Dashboard in DEAR

The most important pieces of data when creating your sale are your customers details (i.e., their account on your system) and the items they have purchased. Make sure that the quantity of goods, tax rate and price have also been added. Once the sale is authorised, the first transaction between DEAR and Xero will happen.

Financials Section on DEAR Dashboard

Upon clicking the Financials tab on DEAR, you’ll be able to see your transaction history. With each product sold, the payment method will be attached, along with any deposit that was paid beforehand.

Packed Orders in DEAR | BlueHub

When shipping orders to a customer, more details can be added into DEAR. This includes the carrier, tracking number and tracking URL. Once authorised, the information will be credited to your Cost of Goods Sold account. This will be made visible within the Financials tab.

When processing an invoice, two separate transactions will be completed: A journal for the invoice itself, and a journal for the tax which was involved with said invoice. Once you authorise the invoice, you will be able to add any deposit/pre-payment that’s relevant to the transaction.

Xero Synchronisation in DEAR

All stages of the transaction made on your DEAR system will then be synced to your Xero account, whilst also exporting any pre-payment.

For the full walkthrough of how to process your sales transactions, you can find out in the full YouTube video below.

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