A Review of the Latest DEAR Systems Update

A Review of the Latest DEAR Systems Update

A Review of the Latest DEAR Systems Update

As the year draws to a close, DEAR Systems have unveiled some important changes to some of their modules. Here’s some of the highlights from the recent update:

WMS FEFO/FIFO enforcement

The previous waste management system (WMS) was able to choose stock that was in line with First In/Expired, First Out (FEFO/FIFO) costing methods. However, one of the main issues DEAR had with the system was there no way to validate whether items picked really were either the oldest or first to expire. In this new update, revised options have been included for the barcode scanning process which will enable stock to be picked with an increased level of enforcement.

These new settings will be applicable to all actions that involve the movement of stock. For example, sales, stock transfers, assembly, etc. The enforcement isn’t mandatory, as users will be given the option either not to use it or choose where it is applied, making the update flexible.

Create purchase order from sale

This is a feature that has been in the pipeline for some time. Previously, if an order was placed for an item that was out of stock, the order would need be put through an external report. This made the process very long-winded for users. With this new addition, purchase orders can be created from a sales order, even when the product is out of stock. This simplifies the process, making it more efficient.

For this to work, some items must be out of stock on your DEAR system, but the order placed for a restock can only be placed through a single supplier. If the items are included in a backorder, then the trigger can be activated at any time.

Production work centre colour coding

A highly requested feature for those in advanced manufacturing, this feature enables easy resource planning and visibility. By colour-coding work centres, the layout becomes more transparent for operators to follow, with each chosen colour representing its own stage in the manufacturing process. In return, this will help Schedulers to get their messages across clearly and with more ease.

Planned vs released capacity

Two more columns will be allocated onto the Capacity Planner so manufacturers are able to view capacity allocated to planned and released orders. This comes following feedback in which DEAR learned that capacity for planned orders was missing and couldn’t be viewed. This left a hole in the products functionality which, with this addition, is believed to have filled.

By adding this feature users will be able to see the actual full capacity of their production line, for current and future orders. Teams will gain more control and visibility as to what they can accommodate for during production, supporting future planning.

Production edit required by dates

DEAR have paid a lot of attention to their Advanced Manufacturing module in this update, making various changes. The main goal here is to make sure that customers with complex production processes are supported and attended to. When amending orders, users can now change deadlines and dates in general when editing production orders. Previously, users would have to create a whole new order if they wanted to make the change but with this new improvement, this will now be a thing of the past. The only affect that will be evident due to the change will be how the orders are displayed on the Scheduler.

To learn about more of the latest updates from DEAR Systems, watch our full YouTube video below.