Merry Christmas!

Written by Jess Withington


How we’ve niched to be able to help more businesses

Although this year’s Xerocon was one of our most successful yet, it was evident that we are still often confused as ‘the app guys’. In some ways, this is true; however, throughout 2018, we have worked hard to narrow down our target market and the apps we want to be recommending to you.

Previously, we would advise and implement multiple apps in the Xero Eco-System but this year we have worked hard to find our niche. We felt that it would be really beneficial for us as a business as well as our clients to be able to offer a service in a specific sector so that any confusion on what we do is diminished.

Due to the ecosystem evolving monthly, we wanted to be able to build all of our knowledge in one space rather than sporadically spread it over different sectors and risk not knowing as much as we should. As well as this, we felt that we wanted to be able to offer an advanced level of support and training as well as keep up-to-date on recent feature changes, so you don’t have to.

Going from strength to strength!

We are now focusing on Inventory software for Wholesale, e-Commerce and Manufacturing businesses and to put it even more simply – if you’re a product selling business, we’re a perfect match!

We are so excited and confident about our new niche and how it is working so positively for us and our clients. Being able to solely and continuously build our knowledge on the three main inventory systems: Cin7, DEAR and Unleashed has lead to us being recognised more widely by new clients and the systems themselves.

In fact, this year we became the only DEAR integrator in the UK. We have always been very passionate about DEAR as a system and it has been one of the most regular systems we implement for businesses. Being able to hold this title has helped us to emphasise our skills in advising and implementing this system for businesses.

We’re Hiring!

Due to a growth in the number of implementations we have been doing this year, we are excited to be hiring for someone to join our team to help select, implement, train and support our clients on new inventory software. Due to the nature of our business, we are welcoming of remote working and have lots of perks (mainly a super cool team) of working for us.

If you’d like to read more and apply, we’d love you to do so here.

Two great new customer testimonials

This year, we have started to put an effort into ensuring we document the work we have done for businesses and start to build up case studies on our website.


We worked closely with Selectequip and their accountant, Haines Watts to get to know them as a company before selecting Cin7 as the best choice. Improvements to the business from using Cin7 were noticed instantly with Zena saying: “BlueHub and Cin7 have helped the business massively, we’ve reduced paperwork significantly and orders can be processed and dispatched in a few hours rather than days.”  Watch the video here.


After we gathered Intceram’s requirements, processes and information about their current system, we were able to select DEAR as the systems that work perfectly for their needs. Rebecca, Office Manager said that “BlueHub and DEAR have helped the business massively. We haven’t had the system very long but from what we have seen, it has been very useful and saved us a lot of time.”  Watch the video here.

A year of continuous knowledge

You may already know that we run many webinars throughout the year in order to offer support and education around inventory, manufacturing and e-commerce systems and helping to improve businesses. Below is our latest webinar, you can catch up on all of our videos on our YouTube.