Reduce admin costs and save data entry time by setting up a bespoke integration from your spreadsheet files, like Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets or Open Office, to Xero with our Spreadsheet-to-Xero product.

Many businesses have legacy systems to process their data, using manual ledgers, spreadsheets or apps that do not integrate with Xero. They lose valuable time on data entry to input sales invoices, bills, contacts and journal entries into Xero or manually filling out the upload templates.

This often costs more time when employees need to find references and add context to entries, like product codes on invoice mapping to specific nominal codes. These inefficient processes cost businesses hours, adding up regularly to days of worked time each month.

Xero add-ons are a great option but some businesses aren’t able to make the transition or the right application is not available at the right cost. So how can they reduce admin costs and time without the need to research, select and train staff on new systems?

Enter the Spreadsheet-to-Xero integration.
By using the Spreadsheet-to-Xero integration, you can save your CSV files from programs like Excel and Google Sheet to send the data automatically into Xero. All you need to do is specify the data columns you need to record, and we will write an integration that converts your data fields and inputs them to your Xero account.

Once your spreadsheet integration is set up your business will save hours of data entry time and costs as you simply save your spreadsheet as a .csv file. The file is saved to a specified location and the integration does all the work for you. This automation will not only save you time on the double data entry process but will help eliminate mistakes that we humans struggle to avoid. With just one entry of data on your spreadsheet, you are halving the opportunity for human errors.

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